Web Configurator is often not accessible


I have the problem that the Web Configurator is often not accessible. The browser then says something about ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED. Sometimes the home page is also displayed, but the status is disconnected. The remote control actually sits in the dock the whole time. So it shouldn’t be because it goes to sleep.

Anyone else have problems like this? What can I do about it? Restarting the remote control doesn’t help. The only thing that helps is to wait and try again later.

Am I the only one with this problem? I’m trying to reach the remote control again without success.

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Same here. Anyone got it sorted out?

Happens to me as well. Very frustrating.

I’ve been trying for 2 days now and it didn’t work even once. Never got on the page… right now the device isn’t usable for me

Only a restart of the remote helps me here in this unfortunately frequently occurring situation.

For me connection with web configurator is only stable when using a wired connection to my network. When use my laptop with WiFi…is disconnect after few minutes.

Hi guys, had the same problem (I think). In my case, switching from the domain name (remotetwo-d1234…local) to the IP of the remote resolved the connection issues.

Just creating a new pin on the remote is sometimes a solution also.

It seems that the session expires sometimes “randomly”

Quick side fact that I noticed, the remote has to be awake when configuring over the web interface. I was constantly lifting up the remote so I can work on the configuration.

I leave the remote in the dock. For me that helps.

Yes indeed, setting the sleep timeout in the configurator settings to 30 min helps here.