My first impressions and questions!

I have played with the remote the last couple of days, and these are my first impressions and questions. I have been using and programming Philips Pronto remotes for years, and still use the TSU9800 including the RS232 extender in my HT.

The Pronto was actually quite good en very flexible and customizable. Also their base idea makes things simple: You can create a device, say what communication protocol it uses (IR/RS232) and you can create it + add the codes for every function. These devices can be connected to every screen you designed in a project. So on one screen you can add buttons from different devices.

The Remote 2 is missing this basic functionality as far as I can see now.

I managed to create IR devices after some IR bulk import issues using the pronto codes I have. Also added the Apple TV & Hue integration.

However, adding an IP controlled device is not working as I would expect according to this topic: IP remote configuration

Sending a WOL: I would expect that this would be possible in the remote software itself. Unfortunately not according to this post: Wake-on-LAN signal possible?

Missing option for selecting Hue scenes. Without this this integration is pretty un-useful for me.

RS232 support would be fantastic, since it is still used in lot’s of Home theatres as it is rock solid.

Regarding the layout of the screen: I’m missing the be able to change the text size and use 2 rows in one button. An Eject icon would also be nice to have.

I realize it is a startup, and lot’s of development is needed. But some things look unnecessary complex to me comped to my really oldskool Pronto, which is besides lacking IP control support still my benchmark.

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Much of your call-outs are valid.

I am not quite clear on the issue you’re having adding an IP controlled device. Can you give an example (equipment, use-case, expected behavior, problem)?

In regards to the screen, it does not appear there is a way to change text size or enable line wrapping at the moment - I’ve been meaning to file a feature request for that! I noticed the issue when I set up buttons for live TV: the channel numbers were relatively small compared to the icon for the TV guide!

I have been using two sources for icons, both found through the discord/the forum: - a myriad of styles, many are transparent .PNGs, the download tool makes it easy to set background color/transparency and size (these icons need to be 90 x 90 to load).

Material Design Icons - Icon Library - Pictogrammers - material design icons, good for activities, devices, etc. Once again, the download tool makes it easy to set icon color, background transparency, and size.

Thanks for you response! Thanks for the icon tips, I will look into that.

About IP control: I would expect to be able to create a device and tell R2 t’s an IR or IP device. That’s not possible directly in R2 if I’m correct. How can I add a device for controlling my Trinnov Altitude using IP? I don’t get it.
These are the protocols: