Wake-on-LAN signal possible?

Is it possible to sent a WOL packet with the remote 2? I need it to wake my Envy processor.

That’s possible via the Home Assistant integration.

I do this (in two different ways) for my LG TV (using the LG/webOS integration inside Home Assistant) and for my VU+ Ultimo 4K satellite receiver (using a Home Assistant script).

Edit: This is just a workaround, as the R2 isn’t able to send http commands or WOL magic packets themselve and therefore you need a running Home Assistant instance in your network for doing this. But it is really useful to consider about using the UC R2 Home Assistant integration as it is very powerful and absolutely flawless and performant.

Thanks. I don’t use Home assistent at the moment, but already noticed you can also install it on an Unraid server. So I will do that look into that since it’s a whole new world for me.