IP remote configuration

I may be missing something but I don’t seem to be able to create remote pages for IP controlled devices. Not just a list, but a grid of buttons like for IR controlled devices.

All my equipment is controlled via IP (Home Assistant buttons/scripts that I have successfully imported). How can I create a page of buttons for these, or assign them to the physical buttons?

You need to create an activity. You can then select which devices are going to be accessible from the activity. You can edit UI for the activity where you have full control of the UI grid.

Only problem is, with the Apple TV integration you lose functionality, like the thumbnail, by putting it in an activity. But, yeah, it’s the only way to control volume, for example, without exiting the integration and bringing up the entity you want to control

Just add the media component to the activity ui. That also includes the thumbnail o the currently played media if the app supports it

Yes, that works. And the “media” component can be sized to any valid size on the grid. And tapping it plays/pauses. Pretty cool. Now I have a more than vague idea of what “add media” means.

I had noticed that while in the ATV integration–not an activity–when I pressed the volume up/volume down buttons, I got a bar graph display that stayed constant at 50%. Out of curiosity, I tried enabling HDMI CEC and enabling “control” volume in the Emotiva XMC-2 and then, sure enough, the volume can be controlled within the integration. I haven’t found anything else that can be usefully controlled this way, for example mute or power.

Unfortunately, some flakiness also follows. The red background message “the request timed out, please try again” comes up. Those timed out requests appear to be cached since random volume up/volume down commands subsequently are executed. Maybe with the newly discovered functionality of an activity, this is moot for me.

So first you create an IR device with no coded and then you can assign the IP commands and buttons in the activity?

I really don’t understand why they didn’t take the old Pronto approach: you create a device, select the communication type (IR/RS232, or in these times IP control) and you can simply add all the required codes. After that you can connect the device to every screen you design and choose every function you want.