"CursorUp" IR code for VU+ Ultimo 4K will not work

My configured IR code for the remote key “CursorUp” for my VU+ Ultimo 4K will not work with R2. All other IR key codes are functional, but these function code is not.

I tried to learn with original VU+ remote and also with my Harmony Hub (both result in learning to the same hex code). The learned code will have no effect. Then I tried it with the corresponding Pronto code from Globalcache.com database and also this code will not work.

Interestingly the “CursorUp” code works (learned hex code and also the Globalcache.com Pronto code) without any problems with my additional VU+ Solo 4K.

Does anybody here has an idea, what else I can try? Is here an user with the same VU+ Ultimo 4K with the same problem, or hopefully without any problems for the IR codes?

Maybe that UC support has any idea?