"CursorUp" IR code for VU+ Ultimo 4K will not work

My configured IR code for the remote key “CursorUp” for my VU+ Ultimo 4K will not work with R2. All other IR key codes are functional, but these function code is not.

I tried to learn with original VU+ remote and also with my Harmony Hub (both result in learning to the same hex code). The learned code will have no effect. Then I tried it with the corresponding Pronto code from Globalcache.com database and also this code will not work.

Interestingly the “CursorUp” code works (learned hex code and also the Globalcache.com Pronto code) without any problems with my additional VU+ Solo 4K.

Does anybody here has an idea, what else I can try? Is here an user with the same VU+ Ultimo 4K with the same problem, or hopefully without any problems for the IR codes?

Maybe that UC support has any idea?

Hi @Sturgis,

I´m kind of late to the party, because my R2 arrived just yesterday, but I also own a VU+ Ultimo 4k and managed to get the CURSOR_UP button working. I also started with the code set from Globalcache and everything works well except CURSOR_UP which does nothing. I don´t fully understand why because the VU Ultimo in fact receives the command as you see it blinking

I still keep the original VU remote around and I taught the R2 a new cursor up command with it:

This one works, but rather notchy - I had to press several times for the command to be executed. So I moved the R2 dock directly in front of the receiver and magically, every button press was recognized.

And now it get´s more strange: with the dock directly in front of the receiver even the code from GlobalCache works.

Are there commands which are (un-)intentionally sent with lower intensity or anything like that? All other buttons work with the dock being a bit farther away, just that single one not…


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Hi Chris,

thanks for the feedback and also for the IR hex code for the CURSOR_UP command. I believe that the problems are caused by the very low IR transmission power and also by very poorly transmitted codes.

In the meantime, I have completely switched my device control to IP (network) based HTTP control due to the absolutely inadequate and very disappointing IR transmission power of the R2 (and Dock) and this works very well. The only IR based thing I do in my setting is power on the Ultimo 4K from deep standby using the IR POWER_ON command (this is actually a power toggle command as I have not found a discrete power on for IR), which I do not send via the dock, but directly via the remote control.

In my “Watch Ultimo 4K” activity, I have the IR based POWER_ON in the power on commands, directly followed by an IP (network) based HTTP Power_On command. This means that it is only necessary to target my Ultimo 4K directly with R2 if it was previously in deep standby.

Best regards,

Hi, I have the same problem with unreliable IR control of my Duo 4K SE Receiver. Can you please explain how to control it completely via http commands? I have already a list with the enigma2 network control codes but don’t know how to get them into R2…

At the moment there is no way to send http commands directly from R2 to any device. Instead you can use the Home Assistant integration to realize this via Home Assistant (HA). For that you need a running HA instance for instance on a PC, RaspberryPi, or NAS.

In HA you has to define a script for every single key command for your “Duo 4K SE” and in that script you call a HA Shell Command with the http command for that key.

Within the HA configuration.yaml file you has to configure these Shell Commands.

This is my configuration.yaml “shell_command” section for the Enigma2 commands:

pvr_toggle_standby: ‘curl -X POST “http://[Your-Device-IP]/web/powerstate?newstate=0”’
pvr_deepstandby: ‘curl -X POST “http://[Your-Device-IP]/web/powerstate?newstate=1”’
pvr_reboot: ‘curl -X POST “http://[Your-Device-IP]/web/powerstate?newstate=2”’
pvr_restart_enigma2: ‘curl -X POST “http://[Your-Device-IP]/web/powerstate?newstate=3”’
pvr_on: ‘curl -X POST “http://[Your-Device-IP]/web/powerstate?newstate=4”’
pvr_off: ‘curl -X POST “http://[Your-Device-IP]/web/powerstate?newstate=5”’
pvr_exit: ‘curl -X POST “http://[Your-Device-IP]/web/remotecontrol?command=1”’
pvr_1: ‘curl -X POST “http://[Your-Device-IP]/web/remotecontrol?command=2”’
pvr_2: ‘curl -X POST “http://[Your-Device-IP]/web/remotecontrol?command=3”’
pvr_3: ‘curl -X POST “http://[Your-Device-IP]/web/remotecontrol?command=4”’
pvr_4: ‘curl -X POST “http://[Your-Device-IP]/web/remotecontrol?command=5”’
pvr_5: ‘curl -X POST “http://[Your-Device-IP]/web/remotecontrol?command=6”’
pvr_6: ‘curl -X POST “http://[Your-Device-IP]/web/remotecontrol?command=7”’
pvr_7: ‘curl -X POST “http://[Your-Device-IP]/web/remotecontrol?command=8”’
pvr_8: ‘curl -X POST “http://[Your-Device-IP]/web/remotecontrol?command=9”’
pvr_9: ‘curl -X POST “http://[Your-Device-IP]/web/remotecontrol?command=10”’
pvr_0: ‘curl -X POST “http://[Your-Device-IP]/web/remotecontrol?command=11”’
pvr_channel_up: ‘curl -X POST “http://[Your-Device-IP]/web/remotecontrol?command=402”’
pvr_channel_down: ‘curl -X POST “http://[Your-Device-IP]/web/remotecontrol?command=403”’
pvr_bouquet_up: ‘curl -X POST “http://[Your-Device-IP]/web/remotecontrol?command=402”’
pvr_bouquet_down: ‘curl -X POST “http://[Your-Device-IP]/web/remotecontrol?command=403”’
pvr_previous: ‘curl -X POST “http://[Your-Device-IP]/web/remotecontrol?command=412”’
pvr_next: ‘curl -X POST “http://[Your-Device-IP]/web/remotecontrol?command=407”’
pvr_volume_up: ‘curl -X POST “http://[Your-Device-IP]/web/remotecontrol?command=115”’
pvr_volume_down: ‘curl -X POST “http://[Your-Device-IP]/web/remotecontrol?command=114”’
pvr_mute: ‘curl -X POST “http://[Your-Device-IP]/web/remotecontrol?command=113”’
pvr_lame: ‘curl -X POST “http://[Your-Device-IP]/web/remotecontrol?command=174”’
pvr_epg: ‘curl -X POST “http://[Your-Device-IP]/web/remotecontrol?command=358”’
pvr_menu: ‘curl -X POST “http://[Your-Device-IP]/web/remotecontrol?command=139”’
pvr_ok: ‘curl -X POST “http://[Your-Device-IP]/web/remotecontrol?command=352”’
pvr_left: ‘curl -X POST “http://[Your-Device-IP]/web/remotecontrol?command=105”’
pvr_right: ‘curl -X POST “http://[Your-Device-IP]/web/remotecontrol?command=106”’
pvr_up: ‘curl -X POST “http://[Your-Device-IP]/web/remotecontrol?command=103”’
pvr_down: ‘curl -X POST “http://[Your-Device-IP]/web/remotecontrol?command=108”’
pvr_audio: ‘curl -X POST “http://[Your-Device-IP]/web/remotecontrol?command=392”’
pvr_pvr: ‘curl -X POST “http://[Your-Device-IP]/web/remotecontrol?command=393”’
pvr_red: ‘curl -X POST “http://[Your-Device-IP]/web/remotecontrol?command=398”’
pvr_green: ‘curl -X POST “http://[Your-Device-IP]/web/remotecontrol?command=399”’
pvr_yellow: ‘curl -X POST “http://[Your-Device-IP]/web/remotecontrol?command=400”’
pvr_blue: ‘curl -X POST “http://[Your-Device-IP]/web/remotecontrol?command=401”’
pvr_tv: ‘curl -X POST “http://[Your-Device-IP]/web/remotecontrol?command=377”’
pvr_radio: ‘curl -X POST “http://[Your-Device-IP]/web/remotecontrol?command=385”’
pvr_text: ‘curl -X POST “http://[Your-Device-IP]/web/remotecontrol?command=388”’
pvr_help: ‘curl -X POST “http://[Your-Device-IP]/web/remotecontrol?command=138”’
pvr_pause_play: ‘curl -X POST “http://[Your-Device-IP]/web/remotecontrol?command=164”’
pvr_record: ‘curl -X POST “http://[Your-Device-IP]/web/remotecontrol?command=167”’
pvr_stop: ‘curl -X POST “http://[Your-Device-IP]/web/remotecontrol?command=128”’
pvr_play: ‘curl -X POST “http://[Your-Device-IP]/web/remotecontrol?command=207”’
pvr_timeshift: ‘curl -X POST “http://[Your-Device-IP]/web/remotecontrol?command=119”’
pvr_forward: ‘curl -X POST “http://[Your-Device-IP]/web/remotecontrol?command=208”’
pvr_backward: ‘curl -X POST “http://[Your-Device-IP]/web/remotecontrol?command=168”’
pvr_subtitle: ‘curl -X POST “http://[Your-Device-IP]/web/remotecontrol?command=370”’
pvr_power: ‘curl -X POST “http://[Your-Device-IP]/web/remotecontrol?command=116”’

Here is a screenshot of my HA script for the “Menu”-key as an examble:

All of your in HA defined scripts will show up in the R2 web-configurator as entities of the HA integration and you can use them in your activities.

Hi Sturgis, thank you very much for your quick reply! I’ll try this with HA but menawhile I got the box commands working with IR (glued the blaster directly in front of the VU+ IR receiver). I’ll try also if my Light Manager Air (which can send this http commands) could do the trick also, as every (http command) scene can be triggered with a dedicated Pronto IR-Code too and the LM Air sits directly beneath the R2 dock.

Anyway it would be great if devs could implement the function as this would simplify things completely and we would be able to control all of our network devices without HA.

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