When can I buy the remote control?

Yes, you should have received a confirmation mail.

@chansearrington I reserved in October 2023 (Germany).
I do not expect to get my R2 this year… On the other hand it will have a far more advanced firmware than now :slight_smile:

8/22. Still no email. Reached out to support and was told anyone getting a 2023 reservation yet is impossible (despite several folks stating otherwise).

They clearly don’t have a good handle on things.

Ended up buying second hand and am so far pleased.

OK, I rechecked my email and it seems I have received a confirmation. At least I am definitely on the list. Currently trying a migration from HomeSeer to Home Assistant on basis of integrating with this remote.

I personally really want this remote, but the lack of input from the creators is off putting, it’s been years now and the lucky ones who did manage to get one are now becoming frustrated.

It’s a shame as it’s a unique product in that it’s built around a home automation concept as supposed to just a universal remote.

I really hope it hasn’t died a death before it even got off the ground.

But the total lack of communication and or support there has been to the ones who backed the project is not good at all.

I live and hope it doesn’t fail

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This forum is not an official support channel and neither Discord. That’s probably why there are almost no official answers or statements posted here. The developers are active on GitHub which is an official support channel. You also get support via mail.
The main problem in my opinion is the lack of documentation. The official knowledge database has just a few articles about very basic topic but no general tutorial that explains all steps. But you get at least good support via the community here if you have questions that have not been answered in the databse or you don’t want to wait for mail from the support.

There has to be an issue, I put in to reserve a remote in 2022 and still have not heard a thing. I can’t even get them to respond to me……. I just don’t know.

Still available? Not sure how to contact you.