When can I buy the remote control?


unfortunately I missed the Kickstarter campaign. I would therefore like to know when I can buy the remote control in stores. I also reserved a remote control in June, but haven’t heard anything about it since then.

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They are still shipping to backers. I also got on the reservation list some time ago and haven’t heard anything, probably because they need to finish shipping to backers before they can start working down the reservation list.

I too missed out on the Kickstarter campaign and I’m on the reservation list but have not heard anything as to when we might get it. One good thing though is that a lot of bugs are being worked out and I believe there have been many updates to the firmware. So hopefully once we actually get the remote it might be easier to work with.

See this message on Discord!

That gives hope :slight_smile:

Has anyone who was not a backer but is on the reservations list gotten an indication that they can buy the remote?

Any comment from remote makers as to whether they are starting to ship to any of the reservations yet?

FWIW, I got the email last night and purchased my Remote Two. I was not a backer as I missed the Kickstarter by about a month. I reserved as soon as I saw the link to do so.

Hi Kevin, Sounds promising! I hope you don’t mind a couple of questions. First off how much is it to us non-backers? Are you in the US and if so how much was the shipping and how is it being shipped? Did they give you an estimated time from shipping to delivery and if so what was it.

I currently have the Harmony Elite and while it serves my purposes since it a dead end if it ever breaks down I’m out of luck. Also its kind of dated and the R2 looks much nicer and has more features. Looking forward to getting it!


P. S. How did you pay for it? Pay Pal, or other?

Just received my email to order reservation made the 3rd of December 2021.
I used Apple Pay.

Price is 449 Euros which I assume will convert based upon the daily exchange rate. It came out to be $492 and change. Shipping is free. I don’t recall the carrier, but most likely UPS since that’s how the backers Remote Two shipped. There was an expedited option, but I didn’t feel the need to spend extra since I’ve been on the reservation list for so long and I don’t recall the added cost. Email said the Remote Two will be shipped in 1-2 weeks.

Kevin T

Hi Kevin, Thanks so much for the info. I signed up for the non-backer reservation list as soon as I found out about it but I have no idea how long that was after the backer list was closed out. Its got to be at least a year as I remember thinking that us non-backers would be able to get the remote in Oct of 1022! Really looking forward to getting the e-mail to buy and actually getting the remote.

It took me a while to program the Harmony Elite to the way I like and I expect it will also take me just as long (or even longer!) to get the R2 to do the same!

Last question. What are the ways that you can pay for the remote?


I have two remotes obtained through Kickstarter. I was convinced that I had selected two transmitters, but they turned out to be two remotes. So, I have one to sell. If interested, please contact me via private message (obviously, no extra charge).

Hi, is the remote still available. If yes, then i would buy.

Yes is available.

Due to reason, that i have me registered today, i have no chance to sent you a private message. Can you reserve the remote for me?

Did anyone receive a confirmation email when they joined the reservation list? I was trying to find one to see when I signed up. However, I remember that I signed up before it was called a “reservation”. Then, I even tried adding myself to the reservation list, but was told I was already on it.

I don’t remember if I got a separate confirmation message but I think after I submitted my e-mail the web page changed into something indicating that I was added to the list. I also once or twice “tried” to enter my e-mail on the list and got the response that it was already on the list.

So the bottom line is that us non-backers on the reservation list have no idea where we are in the queue and will just have to wait. Every time I hear the new e-mail notification sound I hope its the invitation to buy the remote but so far, alas, no joy!!

I got my email today with a slot to buy the remote (which I just did). I honestly can’t remember how long ago I got on the list, but it had been long enough that I had accidentally signed up twice and emailed Unfolded Circle to let them know I only wanted one remote.

I also received my email today and placed my order. I guess it just shows that we all need to be patient. It will come eventually.