Weak IR strength/range issue


I think the R2 is not too bad for a community project - I only have two issues right now:

I see three options here for me:

  • place to dock somewhere else
    Not my favorite as I would have to run several cables (external IR, LAN, power)
  • find a suitable IR range extender/blaster
    OK, but another expensive device
  • wait for the IR range of the dock to improve
    My favorite :slight_smile:

Is there any announcement or plan that this will be worked on and improved in future software versions? I couldn’t find anything here in the forums.
Unfortunately, I have range issues with the dock and the remote itself (currently only Pronto codes, I need hex) but even the Pronto range is way too short/weak. Most of my equipment is in a cabinet behind acoustic cloth.

Thank you

I don’t have any inside information, but it’s unlikely that a weak IR signal is ever going to get fixed in software. It’s not like they have a 30W laser in there and tuned in down to .03W or anything. That little IR emitter is probably emitting as hard as it can. You’d need new hardware for it to do better.

I was afraid of that :frowning:
Somehow I had hoped for that 30W laser option :joy:

I prefer the solution to move away from IR entirely. But for this we need more IP integrations.

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I agree and that’s why the Global Cache input integration on the roadmap from Q4 2023 was exciting. However, the Global Cache has now move to a broad 2024 software roadmap, not defined by quarters.

What is your issue with haptics? I am certain I have haptics turned on, but so far I have felt no evidence that it exists. Not a major issue for me but sometimes it would be useful to have a confirmation the remote “heard” my intended action.

IR strength is nearly everyone’s gripe. People have found solutions that involve repeaters or other (non-UC) accessories. Most of them are not terribly expensive, at least not compared to the remote. Search around in this forum for them. If I ever get around to successfully building a DIY solution (amplifier for driving old Harmony blasters or else from scratch blaster) I will post it in this forum.

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