Support more image formats

This weekend I played a bit with favorites for TV/Radio and the 90x90 is very limited. I can make a button with width 2 but then it would be nice if the image could bei 180x90 because most of the channel icons are more rectangular than quadratic. Perhaps halso 90x180 for height 2.


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Good idea, you should raise a feature request on GitHub Issues · unfoldedcircle/feature-and-bug-tracker · GitHub

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This forums is for feature requests.

I think github, discord and this forum are too much and they need to consolidate comms.

Check out this one Macros for IR Commands - #3 by Freshhat it‘s possible in Activities

thanks I´ll try this evening. I am very new to the UC and have to get used to it. I us Harmony, Nee and Sofabaton X1 at the moment.


This is a user community. Feature requests won’t be actioned here.

Then why did the forum owner make a sub topic called feature requests here?

Why have my submissions here been addressed in updates?

I’ve always used the support link on their website which is GITHUB Sign in to GitHub · GitHub

The community forum doesn’t create an issue tracker for the developers.

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