Roon Integration - Who else is excited?

Hi All,

Is anyone else planning on using their remote to control both an AV system and a HiFi?

I cant wait to see things like album art on the remote and be able to control gear from various brands with a single remote control.

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Oh hell yeah! I did have background anxiety about what I would do if/when my Logitech Harmony broke but as a die-hard Roon user the think that pushed me to sign up to the Kickstarter campaign was the mention of a Roon integration.

Yes, I am planning to use my remote for both my Roon setup with endpoints in multiple rooms and also for my TV + Soundbar for watching TV in my living room (maybe calling that an AV system is a bit of a stretch because that’s not top of the range stuff).

In the old forum I saw some very ambitious plans for the Roon integration including the ability to search and select new music to play. While more is better and that would be nice I’d be really happy with even a basic now-playing screen plus transport controls. (Some of my end points are Airplay so hitting the native pause button on those, which I can do via my Harmony remote obviously, causes Roon to say “lost control of Endpoint” so to resume playback I can’t use the native transport play button but instead need to go to a Roon remote app and press play from there.)

The next step up for me would be able to see the current queue on the remote so that I know how much I have left in the queue and what is coming up next, including when I am letting Roon Radio choose for me. I would really like that too but beyond that anything else is totally bonus functionality for me that I don’t 100% need.

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I too backed the original remote with roon hopes and dreams and decided to back again as this time the creators (now unfolded circle) advertised roon integration instead of a 3rd party creating integration.

I have high hopes for this remote.

I also backed the original remote because I had high hopes this project would be successful and I would be able to ditch the Logitech Harmony and Caavo remotes/controllers that have been nothing but one headache after another. I finally just removed the Caavo controller and remote from my bedroom system because it was just not ready for prime time working with my Sonos Arc and speakers. I’m still using it in my den with my AVR and tv until the YIO REMOTE 2 is finally shipped. If it works as described, I’ll integrate my TV, sound system, and Alexa smart home devices, thermostat, and smart lights into being controlled by this new remote. As an original Kickstarter backer, I’m still excited about the possibilities and can hardly wait to receive delivery of my remote once they begin shipping. Hopefully next month!

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From a user who also backed the first remote its a really nice feature to have the better hardware this time around.

For me I want a Roon integration to see album art and skip tracks on the screen itself. While in that same mode I want to program the physical buttons to control my pre amp for volume and Im happy.

Integrating my Samsung TV and Nvidia shield is also important.

As you say, fingers crossed we get this next month though I am yet to see anything on the Roon integration since it was mentioned. Would be a shame to have to buy a remote 3 before this actually happens.

Guys we have a video of Roon in action! Fantastic!

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Controlling a Hi Fi and a/v system is my main intended use, and I am also a Roon user. Some time back, the Roon guy had left the team and development of Roon integration was suspended, but I guess now it’s back. Looking forward to it.

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When will this integration be available for the remote, because it’s not at this moment in time?

Well thats disappointing as its the only reason I bought it.

Have you had a look in extensions?

Roon integration is part of an update that is released in the next days.

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Thank you for confirming this.

Looking forward to it!

When is the update planned for release? I have the remote in hand but its a little useless for me at the moment.

Beautiful hardware though I must say.

I also want to point out that in the demo the volume up and down fuctions control the roon volume control. I need the ability to remap the physical buttons to IR codes. All without going back and fourth between the album art view and perhaps another page. :crossed_fingers:

@marton im getting the error “cannot start integration setup” when trying to set roon up.

I have resolved this.

I pressed next before enabling the extention in roon that lead to the issue. I first remived this from roon and rebooted bith my core and remote. Setup then went smoothly.

My issue now its setup is that no end points show.

Tap on Manage entities and you’ll be able to add entities to control.

@marton no entities show. I even added all the filter options and still nothing.

Just as a quick one, you could try clicking on disconnect then reconnect in the integration settings and check for entities afterwards.

To better understand, please tell me about your Roon config. You can share this in a private message. Thanks.