Roon Integration - Who else is excited?

Can you open up your profile for direct messages please? It doesn’t give me the option.

How to you browse albums with the integration?

Have you got it working? Ive got an open support case as no endpoints show for me.

Yeah works great! But only can control what is already playing or wat was playing last time. No option to browse server content.

Glad its working but I wouldn’t call that great. I want to select my endpoint and start playback fron the remote otherwise whats the point.

I cant find any end points. Do you mind sharing a photo of how the entity looks?

We’re starting with basics. Media browsing is on our roadmap: Software roadmap

Also what do you run roon server on if you dont mind? I use a NAS.

I have the same problem, the remote does not find Roon entities.

Unifi network by any chance?

Are you able to answer? Posts like these may help the developers resolve the issue.

From 13.9.: We’ll be releasing an update in the next few days with improvements to the Roon integration.

I got that too. Figured if your going to say you have an issue, collaborations with other users can help the devs.

Due to the roon integration state I’m giving up. If I set the integration up fresh it works then stops working and the only way to resolve it its to delete and set the integration up again.

Side note but cant get the IR functionality working either. I just can’t justify the effort required to make something work then it stops then I ask for help then it breaks. Far too much effort for a remote.

Im hoping in time it matures and just works.

I will return in a few months, I’m not selling just yet :crossed_fingers:

Whats the current state of roon on the remote 2?

Works fine for me. Eagerly waiting for media browsing.

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I will buy the R3 and Roon integration is essential for me. Let’s hope it will work smoothly. :crossed_fingers: