Remote freezes multiple time a day


I’ve multiple freezes in a day (3 or 4) that need the remote to be restarted. No command are sent (IR or to home assistant). No way to go back to home or other page too. Only a reboot solve the issue.
I’m using firmware 1.4.3 and home assistant, Apple TV, android tv and roon integration.

I will try to post some logs if there is something relevant in it.

Hi, i realized some freezes too. Same behavior as deuch2k is describing but not so often( every 3 days maybe).

Just a forced reboot fixes the issue.

Same issue for me and sometimes command not responding. Leave activity and re open it, sometimes resolve the issue

Yes sometimes it helps, but I’ve some global freeze with only the power button working to let me reboot the remote.

I’ve notice that after starting an activity the button (on screen or physical) are doing nothing. I’ve to exit the “activity” page to the menu and go back to the activity page to have my buttons working.

Ans sometimes it’s only some buttons, like the back button (map to an entity in HA)

I noticed sometimes the same problem. After starting an activity the buttons will not work and I have to leave the activity and to start it again. Mostly just the physical keypad buttons will not work, whereas the display buttons are functional.

This is seldom in my case and will appear mostly after I changed something in an activities UI with the web-configurator.

Exactly same issue for me

I have experienced the same issue of buttons not working. Have to exit activity and re-enter for buttons to work again.

Exactly the same for me. After powering off an activity for example only the touchscreen is working, none of the other hardwarebuttons are working.

I open a bug report but without any answer for the moment : [bug] Sometimes, commands do … nothing · Issue #144 · unfoldedcircle/feature-and-bug-tracker · GitHub

They’re working on this problem since several days. (At least since 25. of October)

Nice, can you tell us your source of information?

I had direct contact with one of their developers

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Very cool News thanks

Latest firmware and still have at least one freeze per day with only one solution a power off/on of the remote. It happens even if the activity prevent remote to go to sleep. Sometimes the freeze is during use and sometimes after a « wake up » when you want to pause your movie for eg.

I am also still experiencing lock-ups on the remote that you have to hard-reset to get working again. It does appear to be after several very quick presses in a row. It happened to me while I was using the Apple TV integration to do a search and was scrolling back and forth selecting letters for the search.

It has also happened with my wife and daughter who are less tolerant to DIY work-arounds.

I may have to reinstitute my Logitech as these problems make the remote unusable as my main driver.

It happens to me when i want to use it after a while (for eg to make a pause in a movie). There is no exact pattern, sometimes it can be after 5mn, sometimes 30mn …
And it can happens after multiple press to (with an entity in HA or a direct integration). Of course in HA i’m in queue mode (for automation) with 50 elements in the queue.

In my case it does not seem to be related with AppleTV, it happens with other device too (but i need to check to be sure).

I’ve noticed mine only seems to freeze when I am sending multiple commands in a short period of time. For example, if I’m trying to move through a channel list or menu and keep hitting the [Right] hard button over and over again quickly for a minute or two. Eventually the remote freezes and then I have to reboot it.

My fix is for me to just go though the menu more slowly. Hit the button, wait a second, hit the button, wait a second (not necessarily a literal second, but you get the idea). That seems to work for my situation.

It happens to me even when doing nothing … just waking up to do something (in activity I set prevent go to sleep to true).

But the scenario with multiple type on some key in a row happened too …

I’ve experienced a couple of freezes, so far. The first time it wasn’t a hard freeze, it turns out, but very viscous, or perhaps a thick slurry. I was trying to mute Apple TV, during a commercial (using HDHomerun OTA app), then tried to reduce the volume, and it was unresponsive. I was also frequently getting an alert against a red background that said “the request timed out”. I switched to the Harmony remote and periodically, queued mutes and volume reductions were occurring, most annoying. I was curious whether this is just an Apple TV integration issue but apparently it isn’t. I subsequently did a firmware update, but then had another freeze, which I didn’t experiment with very much, just rebooted. Hopefully the developers will get to the bottom of this soon.

I have the feeling that the remote is freezing more often now. It happens everyday. Is there any news from the developer about this issue? Can’t use this as my daily remote because of this issue and the disconnection from dock issue.

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