Official Support Updates

I wasn’t aware that any official user guides or FAQs existed for the remote and dock.

But I have stumbled across this today and it does include some videos of setup and functions:

Hopefully this will help me setup my remote once it arrives!

I thought I would highlight this support information on the forum just for awareness.

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It’s OK as far as it goes. But as far as controlling devices other than the few for which integrations are available, including either learning IR codes or loading IR codes from a file, you’re on your own so far as far as support from the team goes. Fortunately, a lot of this information is available on these forums, you just have to search. Since most backers have gotten their remotes by now, the forums have expanded greatly. An enlarged “getting started” guide is greatly needed, as I’ve suggested many times.

What I find quite frustrating is that the “conversations” regarding this brand are spread across three platforms - here, Discord and Github. Hardly the most efficient way to keep your paying clients informed and updated when they have to constantly look across three separate locations for information.


Agreed, I posted the link when I found that official support had been updated. But once I found time to sit and look through the information it is at a very high level. There definitely needs to be an improvement on official information.

The most useful guide I have seen so far has been created by @giomania. I have linked the relevant forum post below if anybody needs it:


There is a new section on Activity Groups which is really detailed. If this is a blueprint for the future documentation I think we will all be happy :grinning:

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