New IR-Blaster for existing customers?


what will be the process for existing customer to purchase this new IR-Blaster that was announced to be available (1 each per existing customer).

It’s not available via Kickstarter and I could not find any other way or pre-ordering it.

As the IR-capabilities of the Dock-2 is really catastrophic this is really a highly anticipated add-on.

Pity it isn’t shipped FOC to all customer that had issues.

Thanks for anything tangible (if known yet).


As stated in the mail the offer will be available…

after the Kickstarter campaign through a unique link that you’ll receive.

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Hmm … must have missed that when looking at the mail on my phone. Sorry for that.

Will that be sent to all existing customers? Also the ones that purchased directly off the wait-list and not only to those who ordered via Kickstarter?

Thanks, Philipp

What about those of us who were too late to sign up for Kickstarter and had to go on he waiting list?

  • Did you get a Remote Two or just on the list?
  • If you back R3, you’ll have the option to buy the R3 blaster.
  • Did you receive the offer to get the free dock when you back R3? That should be the same list of owners who are eligible to buy the R2 blaster.