Macros for IR Commands

Hi there, i’m just playing around to migrate from my Harmony Elite environment.
In my setup i have one page for the activity “Watch TV” where i have a page with my favorite Channels.

How can i add a Macro to such a channel, for instance the channel Pro7 is expecting the following commands “1”+“2”+“OK” as it’s channel 12 in my TV.

I saw already that this would be a Macro, but i can’t add it to the Icon for that Channel :confused:

Is this not possible yet? Or how can i combine more commands for such a use case?


Nobody an idea how this is working?

@marton : I know you’re quite busy with shipping and getting everything ready. Is this planned that Macro’s can be used for favorites?

Ok found it myself after 2h of searching.

So the Macros can be reused in activities, therefore i’ve created a activity for “Watch TV” where i then have a page for ma TV Sender favorites.

Here is one example for a Macro:

Then you can add this newly created Macro as an entity inside the activity:

And after that you can also add the macro itself as a command for the TV sender:

Hope for somebody else it’s also helpful and for sure a time saver :slight_smile:


Nice, where can i download the icons (90x90px)? Cant find the right size.

I have downloaded them from that page TV-Senderlogos (Picons) zum herunterladen - smooth ones and convertet them with Imagemick to 90x90

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Ive followed your instructions but for all the channels ive added (each with two digits) only the very first one i added seems to work. The others dont seem to register either the first or second digit and even putting various delays doesnt seem to help. Has anybody come across this and found a workaround?

Since one of the last updates you can use ir sequences instead of macros. They just appear as additional commands for each ir entity. Just enter all commands an separate them with a comma. You can also define the delay between each command. This works well for me.


I wish I had seen this earlier today before I created a macro for each station :joy:

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Thank you so much!!!
Like @leo if only the remote designers had supplied some up to date instructions or new short videos I too wouldnt have wasted hours creating macros for every bloody TV double digit requirement!!!

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However, this IR sequence option doesnt seem to show up if I go into the specific IR remote (entity) settings

This particular TV was chosen from the generic list inside Remote Two.

The option only appears if I want to edit inside an Activity, which is fine, but I also want to have every function, including direct channels available in the device selection itself (I have a page called ACTIVITIES but also a page just called DEVICES that gives quick access to the functions of each device I have, or “entity” as its known here.
Make sense?

I’ll get your point on the device section, but as Macros or IR Sequenses only work in Activities, maybe you can workaround with creating an Activity with just the device and without start sequenz for that purpose