Macros for IR Commands

Hi there, i’m just playing around to migrate from my Harmony Elite environment.
In my setup i have one page for the activity “Watch TV” where i have a page with my favorite Channels.

How can i add a Macro to such a channel, for instance the channel Pro7 is expecting the following commands “1”+“2”+“OK” as it’s channel 12 in my TV.

I saw already that this would be a Macro, but i can’t add it to the Icon for that Channel :confused:

Is this not possible yet? Or how can i combine more commands for such a use case?


Nobody an idea how this is working?

@marton : I know you’re quite busy with shipping and getting everything ready. Is this planned that Macro’s can be used for favorites?

Ok found it myself after 2h of searching.

So the Macros can be reused in activities, therefore i’ve created a activity for “Watch TV” where i then have a page for ma TV Sender favorites.

Here is one example for a Macro:

Then you can add this newly created Macro as an entity inside the activity:

And after that you can also add the macro itself as a command for the TV sender:

Hope for somebody else it’s also helpful and for sure a time saver :slight_smile:


Nice, where can i download the icons (90x90px)? Cant find the right size.

I have downloaded them from that page TV-Senderlogos (Picons) zum herunterladen - smooth ones and convertet them with Imagemick to 90x90

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