Introducing Remote 3

Today we’re introducing Remote 3, our next generation companion for smart homes and home theatres.

Remote 3 shares the same quad-core 64bit ARM SOC and architecture with its predecessor, but brings improvements in a few areas. Wireless charging, 5GHz Wifi and a refined button layout with RGB backlight are packed into a sleek 9.7 mm thin aluminium body. Upgraded RAM and storage make Remote 3 future proof and ready to tackle more.

Dock 3 is the remote’s companion that has also been upgraded with features like Power over Ethernet, configurable 3.5mm jack ports to send IR signals or control compatible RS232 devices. Additionally the new dock comes with built-in microphone and speaker to be ready for its upcoming voice capabilities. Starting with Dock 3, you will be able to upload custom firmware via its USB-C port. Unfolded Circle will provide configuration files for ESP Home, a popular system for controlling microcontrollers.

Remote 3 will launch on Kickstarter, Friday 21st of June.

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Isn’t this just a slap in the face of remote 2 owners? The software isnt finished, yet development on a newer model has started.

I dont know how to feel about this.


Looks like OLED has been dropped too :frowning:

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Any plans to add a simple RF to IR blaster for other rooms and or equipment racks?


  • Does R3 support Dock 2’s? I need two docks, do I need to buy them again if moving to R3?

  • The WL charging-spot is off-center vertically, If not mistaken it’s under display, where is center of gravity? What is the minimum diameter of WL charging “plate”?

  • Are we losing the north-west, north-east, south-west and south-east buttons on the “action wheel”?

  • What display is used? (The screen in R2 is superb!)

  • Expected delivery time after kickstarter? As we know R2 took quite a long time?

Thanks for the answers in advance!

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Many didn’t even get their chance to buy the remote 2, many (like me) are suffering from severe bugs, that make the remote unudable and you have the audacity to announce a new model??

This is despicable business behaviour.


WTF? I’m speechless.


Adding to the questions already posted above I’d like to understand the capabilities of the IR LED in the remote (not dock). For example, can it easily control devices 4-6m away across a room, something not at all possible with the Remote 2.

Can the dock sit at the the top of a rack and comfortably control all devices using a strong IR signal?

Look people this is a business that is trying to get it’s product out much faster. There is so many people wanting this product, especially after Harmon, discontinued theirs. This is a smarter way to Manufacture this product. They need more Capital, to be able to produce more product. This is standard business practice. I guarantee you by next year. You’ll see this product on Amazon for sale. Give it time give it a chance.


Good to see a stop button. Sorely missing on the R2.

Will there be any way for us loyal R2 owners to upgrade with a discount?


What’s about the four colour buttons? Will they be integrated again?

It is a slap in the face of remote 2 owners! :frowning:


No we’re not dropping R2 support. The upcoming software upgrades will be available for both R2 and R3 models. Both versions share still the same hardware plattform.

I simply put stop on long pause which makes sense and does not waste space.

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Yes, that will work.

We don’t hve plans for that in the near future.

Software-wise the old and new docks are compatible with both remotes and you can add as many to either or both remotes as you like. However please note that the dock 2 is not compatible with the shape of R3, though you can charge R3 with wireless charging.

Most wireless chargers are around 9-10cm in diameter and R3 sits well on thoose.

R3 has a different button layout and does not have those buttons, but you can still assign any command to any button and add those colored icons to the screen.

It’s a high resoluion LCD with really good contrast. I think it looks superb and the thin bezels just make it really great that the active area of the display goes almost to the edge of the remote.

As you know we got delayed with R2 due to the global pandemic and chip shortage. Hopefully nothing like that happens again. We gained a lot of experience and have streamlined things. However, it will still take a couple of months to manufacture a batch.


I am on the waiting list for R2 since about 7 months. Today I am lucky, that I have not bought the R2 recently and that Unfolded will offer me the R3 instead. Thank you for that.

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You should ask to make sure that they will offer you the R3 instead.

And prepare for another 7 month wait.