I put myself on the waiting list over 2 years ago. How far away am I?

I am needing a remote. My old Harmony is no longer working. I have been on the waiting list for over 2 years. Can I get someone to respond to me.


Why did you create another thread with the same topic again?

Don’t bother. This thing is hell to program. Try a Sofabaton 1S.

it is not a hell to program but I admit you must get used to it. After you learned the basics it is not more complicated than a Logitech Harmony. but with a lot more freedom.



I’m just wishing they would send out more of this product and not have us wait so long. Really wanting this remote. Does anyone know when the next set of this product will be ready for purchase again.

Yes please would love some transparency on the waiting list.

Same here, been on the waiting list over two years. Guess I’ll just give up.

Charles Nash

Documentation is lacking, but it’s not hard at all, once you stop trying to make it a Harmony. It’s better than a Harmony.

Sofabaton is cheap hardware, and has numerous reported issues of its own.

So disagree. I have all three and this takes so much work and is hell to understand and program. I’ve had no issues with SofaBaton or, of course, Harmony. Programming either of those is easy peasy.

I also have all 3 and in addition 2 Neeo. As I said if you get used to the R2 it is comparable with the logic behind Harmony but without the limitations of the Harmony. btw. I was a beta tester of Harmony and most wishes for advanced features were rejected because it might overwhelm most users. The Harmony could be a lot better.


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Well, the Harmony decision-makers were right.

Let me know if you’d be interested in selling your remote(s). I’m keen on a custom integration and willing to give it a shot. No idea how to contact you privately, but I am on the Discord server.

Ok. Thinking about it.

Sounds good. I’m also on the discord chat if that makes comms easier.