Does anyone have an idea of how long it’s taking

I am wondering how long is it taking to come up on the wait list. I put my reservation over 2 years ago. It shouldn’t take this long.

Marton 09.04.2024 18:34: We’re preparing remotes now for shipping. Hopefully by end of the week or early next week emails will go out.

Source: Discord

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Much of that 2 years was waiting for the hardware to be completed and manufactured, a very real, very common factor in Kickstarter projects. It’s only been shipping for around 6 months, with a very long waitlist.

I put my name on the list the day the Kickstarter closed and received my remote in December.

I have reserved my remote for over a year 2023-02. To see some of you waited over two years tells me I should wait a little longer. It is great that the remote is super popular. Good luck to Unfolded.

Hi, did those emails/remotes go out?
In comparison I’ve only been on the wait list about 5 months so I’m assuming it’s gonna be a while. Any projection of ramp up time now that covid supply issues should be in distance?

I‘m not on the reservation list as I got my remote from the Kickstarter campaign.
There were some guesses that UC is waiting for enough reservations to reach the minimum order limit for some parts. But as Marton already said they preparing the remotes for shipping this shouldn’t be the problem here. Not sure why they are not communicating more open as it was the case for als Kickstarter backers.

I put myself on the waiting list 17 march 2022 and got the ready to order email two weeks ago. After payment the remote is send out very quickly. took less then one week until I got the remote. And imo it’s worth to wait. UC is doing a good job :slight_smile:

Holy Crap! Two years? Wow.

You have to keep in mind that also Kickstarter backers had to wait almost two years as the first remotes were not delivered until august last year.
On Discord it was mentioned that they received multiple times more reservations than what they had on Kickstarter altogether. This magnitude requires a different approach to handle this in the most orderly fashion (Discord) The Kickstarter remote were all assembled by people from the small team so I guess this process therefore now needs be optimised.