How is the latency?

I received my purchase email so now it’s time to make a decision.

I’m extremely sensitive to latency and plan to use IP control for every device possible (I use 0 IR with my current RTI remote setup).

How is the latency for the Android TV and Apple TV integration specifically right now? Is it as fast as using the devices native remote?

I’ve been using RTI remotes for the last decade, these are extremely powerful and I have access to their entire software/driver catalog. For the most part latency is near instant. I like the RTI performance I dislike the company’s business model and would love to switch to a Remote Two when it is ready.

My experience with Android TV specifically has shown me that not all IP control implementations for this platform are created equal. I have used some in the past that introduce noticeable latency. This gives me pause as I can’t find any information about this topic anywhere.

Same question for Home Assistant and Apple TV. I plan to control lighting through the home assistant integration, will the dimmer sliders be real time or with a noticeable delay?

I’d say R2 is faster than Harmony Elite w. hub. I don’t like latency either but I’m quite happy with R2 :slight_smile:

Thanks for the reply! Can I ask which devices you have tested this with?

I’d agree with @TeroS … latency is not an issue. Very quick response.

Currently testing it with am LG 4K TV, Yamaha AVR, Apple TV 4K (through Home Assistant), Chromecast 4K, Xbox Series S in our spare room system. Until state/activities gets implemented, not ready for our main system (spouse acceptance factor). I have a second one still in the box for that.

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IR-sets tested by me:

  • Marantz SR7015
  • Netgem N7900 Digibox (Finnish Elisa’s box)
  • miniDSP 2x4HD
  • Sony Bravia A80 TV


  • Marantz SR7015 (Denon integration)
  • Nvidia Shield (Android integration)
  • Roon (Roon integration)

Via Home Assistant:

  • Philips HUE

Via Home Assistant / Harmony Elite

  • Bang & Olufsen Beosound 9000
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Great list! I’m curious specifically about the android integration with your shield tv (i have a few of these). Does it support long press to bring up the context menu? Does long pressing right/left do the dynamic seek speed where it increases over time? I’m guessing latency is imperceptible from the stock remote?

Sweet! You said “Apple TV 4K (through Home Assistant)” Do you mind explaining this a bit more? Does this mean Home Assistant is controlling the ATV and the remote is sending commands to HA to control the ATV? Does this maintain full functionality such as long presses?

Long press is not yet implemented, I have the “home” on device mapped to “home” on remote.

Read this the other day on Discord. User va_lemmon found a way to implement the „Home Hold“ (long press) command:

The HA integration for Apple TV also provides the “Home Hold” command which the Remote Two’s native ATV integration does not (I keep forgetting to log a feature request for the devs to include it). I created a script in HA that uses the ATV integration’s remote.send_command to send home_hold command. This script then shows up as a button entity in the HA integration on the Remote Two. Bonus tip: create a macro with the Home command repeated twice. This macro when run will bring up the app switcher UI. > Blockquote

Sorry, just sawthis now. I have set up scripts in Home Assistant to control my Apple TV (cursor commands, home, back, etc as well as direct links to start all my apps).

I then intergrated those scripts (they show under the Home Assistant integration in R2) into my Watch AppleTV activity and work great. Totally stable and reliable.

Home Assistant is a really effective way of doing IP control. I only started with it when I got the R2 and it’s pretty inexpensive to get into (bought a Pi4B and case) … all in about $100.