Basic instruction manual would help me

Okay I admit that I’m not the most tech savvy when it comes to coding etc and that I’m really struggling with the R2 set up. Its build quality is impressive as was the packaging but it came with zero set up information and I have insufficient knowledge of setting up this remote in the way most threads explain it and would find a simply written and basic set up guide of great benefit to get me going. I have been able to connect to Sonos but have no idea what to do next to access and control it, at the moment I am getting nowhere fast. Has anyone written a basics guide or come across one whilst researching set up?
It doesn’t help that there are obviously issues documented in other threads re drop out etc, yesterday I could access the web configurator on my iPad today I can’t. Early days I know but quite frustrating.


Agree, you can post here Create a wiki on how to use/configure Remote Two and maybe if this post became popular, it might get some attention