Any update on the next R2 firmware update release with long press?

When for mere mortals, i.e., owners without beta privileges?

I’d like to know how to get beta privileges. Be nice if they let us opt in.

The whole thing is beta

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True, but some people get key features prior. These should probably be more releases with opt in at your own risk, like ir through remote.

For some features this is already possible via the webinterface.

And this is indeed the point of the thread. Normal, paying owners want this feature.

Only one feature is available this way. Not really what was being asked for.

There is this saying: ‘Patience is a virtue’. Eventually it will come your way….

Unfortunately patience is a testament to personal perserverence, which is different than paying a lot of money for a lot of frustration. I think there is a different saying for that.


There is a difference between ‘Paying a lot’ versus ‘backing a Kickstarter’. The latter should be an indicator that you cannot expect the same type of support and/or development as from e.g. Apple. If you expect that then maybe you are better of with an off the shelf remote?

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Blame the user is a good tactic. We are are all in this together, there is just a segregation of that user base getting basic features that could/should be expected. The software based product is different than the vast number of products, differentiating the critical need for basic features to use the device. The work arounds to buy more ir devices: servers, routers, etc., was certainly unexpected. Along with a no return policy. That said I would pay for continued support if it kept the device on the quest for basic features.

The diversion of smugly… just wait, the unwashed masses will be happy some day, not even necessarily soon, is salt in the wound. Thanks. Oh, and thanks again. Why didnt I think of that? Find an alternative. Wow. Why didnt I think of that? I guess good things come to the patient or those who dump the time invested (which I guess is worth nothing). Outstanding.

Update: It appears good things are coming. Hoping to long press and better AppleTV intntegrate in the future.


So I see the GUI has changed to reflect short and long button presses. Anyone know which command I assign for long press OK for a Shield TV?
Or am I right in reading that they are there in the GUI but only work for Apple TV?
I have assigned random Shoeld Tv commands to the long press and it seems to work, I just cant seem to get the actual contextual menus that long press on the Shield’s own remote does…

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currently not possible, see release note:

  • Please note that the additional commands are only supported in the Apple TV integration at the moment. The other integrations will be enhanced with future updates.

With new firmware 1.7.4 finally we got long button press functions for the AppleTV integration.

The good: With long button press there is also the Home_Hold for the AppleTV. :smiley:

The bad: Home_Hold will not work for me. There is no function/reaction at the AppleTV. :worried:

Will Home_Hold work for anybody here?

I’m wrong. It works for for me. But the remote needed a restart/reboot after the first assignment of the Home_Hold (called ‘Settings’/‘Einstellungen’ function.

I think just exiting and re-entering activity might help, that was enough for me to start using short/long-presses.

If you remap buttons while the activity ui is open you always have to first exit and re open the activity to get the new mapping to work. Nothing specific to long press commands.

Yes, maybe that I was already inside the activity when I assigned the long press button in web configurator. I cannot remind exactly because I tested so many points.

But I’m happy that it works now.

I also have to say that firmware 1.7.4 is a big step ahead regarding connection and integration stability. Will have to test more, but it looks very promising.

As a chronic complainer, I’m pretty happy with the advancements, and the intent to quick turn patched firmware and an AppleTV integration update.
I do have an issue with the integration menu not working, but context menu works as a separate button and the Home button works great on Home.
The better news as some one who trips to the system home activity menu when mis hitting the hard home button, the home but is a “got it” assignment, but the long press does the normal functionality.
I have issues with long press assignment on buttons, for example the context edit button should work as the long press of the cursor OK, but doesn’t.
Media player interesting but gimmicky. Not complaining.
Menu doesn’t seem to work (bothers me), so that and reboot come over from IR remote. Ir seems to work a lttle better or i am moving IR inputs, repeaters, blasters better.
Some lag, but happy.

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Menu was not mapped by mistake according to Markus Z on GitHub. He said that he will use menu for the control center command and remove the settings feature which is currently been used for this.


I wasn’t sure that the long press was operational for Activities using plain old IR devices but IT WORKS!!! I now have the R2 doing EVERYTHING my Elite used to do and much much more! It also controls some lights, my ceiling fan and my thermostats (I have a 3 zone HVAC and thus 3 thermostats) via HA Green. Adding long press was the last feature I was looking for and that completes my programming of the R2.

Admittedly I had MANY MANY frustrating days when I first got the R2 but with the help from this forum it has greatly exceeded my expectations and am VERY PLEASED with it.