Yio Remote Two For Sale

For sale. $450 shipped CONUS. Immaculate. Will consider close offer.

I’m inerested. How do we talk?

What is your email?

Hello, I am interested in this. Is it available?

Yes. PM me.

I’m late to the party but if the others bail I’m in.

Still available.

I am interested are you in the Unfolded discord chat?

I’m in LA…I’ll buy.

Sent you a PM.

Remote Two is sold.

It was sold to me but this TERRIBLE user sold it to someone else AFTER we had a deal. You can read it in the thread above.

Payment was sent and then returned.

As an attorney, I’m glad people like this exist, it has kept me well-paid year after year.

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LOL. Ridiculous. I can’t stand people like that, but unfortunately it’s the reality we live in. Cheers to you!! Hope you get your hands on one soon!!

Chumps like this exist everywhere, unfortunately. No wonder he sold…seems like the device was far smarter than him :slight_smile: