XBox Support on the roadmap?

It would be amazing if XBox/PS would be supported too, but it doesn’t seem to be on the roadmap yet.

Will this be added?

The biggest issue with both Xbox and PlayStation is that they do not allow local IP control. You have to log in in with your Microsoft or Sony account and grab the credentials to actually control these devices. This also means that the remote commands would then go over the cloud and not locally.

On Xbox at least you can use IR commands directly

I wasn’t aware of that. Kind of annoying :confused:

But good to know I can use normal IR commands for the XBox Series X!

It looks like nobody has shared IR codes, neither in this nor in the old forum. So it’s either searching online or borrowing an Xbox remote…

Take a look at the Discord chat. There was someone who share a csv file with codes for Xbox 360/One/Series

Honestly Xbox’s are pretty responsive via IR commands. Even a reasonably good IR remote added to the IR library would get most people enough to be useful.