Working IR-codes for Bang & Olufsen?

I know there might be an issue with frequency but gotta ask, has anyone got B&O working with IR?

While I have my Beosound 9000 working on R2 through HA and Harmony this is the last thing keeping my Harmony on place. If this would work I could retire the Harmony.

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Have you tried downloading the codes from the Control Tower IR Database by GlobalCache? What happens when you load them in/try to trigger them?

Yes, Tried all of them. I can power on Beosound but unable to find working codes for next and previous track as an example. Cursor (selects next or previous cd) works only sometimes.

I even built a ESP32 with 880nm IR LED (as used in Beosound according service manual) and tested codes with that, same result. I’m leaning towards ESP32 having some issues with 455kHz frequency and/or Beosound having issues with reading the 461kHz that ESP32 sends. (Dock has a ESP32, so wouls most likely be same issue there)

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There are basically 2 ir command setups for old bang and olufsen devices, Video-commands and Audio-commands. Could it be that you found a working setup of Video-commands? the only command that works on both setups are power on/off.

What codes did you use? (I’m looking and are trying to find the video-commands) .

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Finally home again, work disturbs hobbies :slight_smile:

I have tried most likely all I could find on remotecentral and globalcache and some other sites. Came home tonight and had a small package waiting, my 455kHz capable IR-receivers finally arrived so I’ll have a dig on the IR myself. However what I’m more afraid of is the thing that R2 docks are ESP32 sending the code. I could not get my previous IR-hardware to work correctly with ESP32 against Beosound, I need to test the new HW and see what happens. (I also got a “better” IR-transmittermodule)

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Sorry for the side-bar, but which IR transmitter module did you get? I’m doing some testing on IR solutions and am curious what is working for you.

I got a TSOP7000 as receiver but it turned out to be faulty. As transmitter I got myself this:

Have not had time yet to explore this further, we’ll see how it goes.

OK, some news. No matter what codes with R2 or HA/ESPHome or IR-emitters I try I cannot get all functions to work. And those that work do it only occasionally. I’m biased to think that ESP32 simply does not perform 455kHz IR-signal correctly enough for B&O to read.

So I took the easy way out and ordered a MLGW, I’m hoping it will solve my issue so I can put my harmony-setup to rest.

I got a MLGW, altho it’s not hooked up right now as I justed moved. But my guess is it will not work as you want. In the MLGW you can setup up controls for all ML products but there are no preprogrammed setups as you would need for it to work as a network controlled entity. If I can find the time I will hook mine up soon to test my theory out.

Since it’s not especially cheap I did read quite a lot on the protocol and possibilities and I do believe there is a possibility here since we should be able to send BEO4-commands to device like digits, play/pause, next track etc which are just what I need.

What is unknown to me at the moment is that if R2 B&O integration does work or not. If not there’s the HA-way so not really worried on that. I currently run Beosound as R2 → HA → Harmony flawlessly so changing route to R2 → HA → MLGW is not an issue. (Theres at least THIS)

Well, if you’re not afraid of a little lua coding or setting up commands for every function then it should be no problem at all, even without HA between. I used a homebrigde plug to trigger scenes and marcos from the MLGW in my old home throught homekit.