Wi-Fi connectivity poor and drops frequently in busier areas

I have constant drops of the remote’s connection when in a WiFi busy area. The remote joins with ‘excellent’ connection and then disconnects literally every few seconds making usage impossible. Only 2m from access point. Lots of retries and session errors and the integration connections also fail.

Moving to a less congested area and things work much better. My main living area unfortunately has around half a dozen devices on WiFi but traffic is low (no streaming) but in that room I get the problems and this makes the remote unusable there, which is where it’s needed. All other devices connect fine and I’ve never had problems except now with this remote. This is not sleep related as screen stays on and the same happens if remote is seated in the dock.

Slightly concerned there might be a hardware WiFi issue or de-sensing in the remote itself and that won’t be fixable. Also now questioning the whole model re the smarts being in the remote rather than the dock…. as that also impacts state synch through integrations.

Anyone else experiencing this?

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I’m definitely fighting this - the remote will not stay connected for more than a few minutes

Have you tried reserving the remote’s IP Address on your network?

Is that IP binding at the AP?

No, you need to do that in your router under DHCP settings

i do have IP binding set on the device - dchp reservation on the router