What is the battery capacity of the remote?

I would like to put my dock on the table next to my sofa but unfortunately there are no power sockets that I can plug it into without having a cable trailing across open floor space. To solve this I’m wondering whether it would be practical to plug the dock into a reasonably high capacity power bank - maybe something like 30,000 mAh - which I could easily hide under the sofa and which I hope would keep everything going for maybe a few days between having to temporarily unplug the power bank and carry it to a power point to charge. (I might even get two so that one would always be charged and I could do a quick and easy swap every few days.)

The purpose of my post is trying to get some idea of whether “a few days” or even a single day is realistic and what “a few” might actually be in this context. To work that out I think the following info should get me most of the way there…

1 - What is the capacity of the internal battery in the remote itself? A mWh figure is probably more useful than a mAh figure so that I don’t need to adjust for possible voltage differences. If giving a mAh figure please do specify the voltage.

2 - How much power does the dock itself take when just sitting there staying online? (I’m assuming that the occasional IR blast is a pretty insignificant power drain compared to staying connected to the WiFi.)

And my final question is - has anyone else actually tried this and if so then how did you get on?


see last page of

Unfolded Circle® Remote Two FAQ & Tips

Cheers, tiki

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The power consumption of the dock in idle mode connected via ethernet is around 200 mA. If I put in the remote to charge it increases to 700 mA.

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Thanks Tiki & Kenny, your replies are really helpful.

I haven’t spent a lot of time on this, not enough to find a 30,000 mAh power bank that quotes a mWh capacity (but with more time I’m sure I will) but a quick search found an Anker 15,000 mAh unit quoting a 55 Wh capacity so that was enough for me to do a back of envelope calculation (literally since that was the bit of blank paper that I had closest to hand!).

I based my calculations just on Kenny’s figures of 200 mA draw for the dock when it is just doing its thing (idle and staying connected to WiFi) and 700mA when also charging the remote.

If I try to hazard a guess at daily dock power draw it might be the baseline 200 mA for 24 hours = 24 Wh plus the extra 500 mA for maybe 3h to replace the charge on the remote = replacing 7.5 Wh drained from the 8.88 Wh battery giving a total of 31.5 Wh per 24 hours. If a 30,000 mAh power bank has 111 Wh capacity (twice that of the 15,000 mAh Anker unit) then that would give about 3.5 days between recharges.

Not ideal to be faffing around keeping a power bank charged but maybe doable.