Warm remote firmware 1.6.10

Anybody else noticed that the remote gets slightly warm idling at firmware 1.6.10?

Heat equals battery loss.

I have noticed it gets warm, but can’t say if it change with 1.6.10.

However I have noticed a 50% (Full → 50%) if I leave it un-docked overnight when all activites and the uc configurator off. Seems excessive loss for what i’d expece as an overnight idle state

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That’s definitely too much loss. Have you checked if the remote is really in sleep mode? I read some issues that even if you power off sleep mode preventing activities that the remote sometimes is not going in sleep mode afterwards.
In Low Power/sleep mode it noticed a 1% drop each hour. Without sleep and an activity running its around 10% per hour. But I haven’t noticed that the remote gets hot or warm when in use.

I noticed that the R2 gets slightly warm ever since I got it so I’m not sure it got any worse with 1.6.10.

As far as battery drain, I just got into the habit of putting it back into the hub when I not I’m going to be using it for a while and especially over night.

Learn something every day.

I wasn’t aware there was a specific ‘sleep mode’. How do I initiate it? I’ve just been turning off activities when done and setting it down.

The hub is in a cabinet as it’s not convenient to have it in the open. If we get a charging only stand I’d store it there

The remote automatically activates this mode after a timeout which can be set via the remote or the web configurator. This can be up to 30 minutes. You can prevent this for activities in the settings of every activity. After waking up the remote needs to re connect to all integrations and the dock.

The heat issue persists at firmware 1.7.12

@marton are you looking in to this?

Had the remote on the table for two hours, picking it up and the display is warm. Loosing 16% battery. That can’t be right.

have you tried turning it off and on again?

what about placing an ir-only-dock in the cabinet and the charging dock at a convenient place for charging?


regarding this issue I wrote something into Github:

“quiet” power usage of the UCD2 carrying the UCR2
“This corresponds with the UCR2 “equilibrium” temperature of ~32°C on the housing and ~42°C on the display…”

…which is way too high and feels uncomfortable.
And I agree, that it would be nice to get a reasonably detailed description to handle the power modes of the UCR2/UCD2 in a correct and hopefully power saving way.

Thank you!
Cheers, Timo

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Yes, and the dock as well.