Waitlist Placement?

I made a choice not to get in on this during the Kickstarter phase. I have horrible luck with hardware kickstarters (0 of 5 things I backed ever shipped), so everyone should be glad I didn’t get on this one. '-)

Anyway, I did sign up for the waitlist, and probably signed up again at least one more time if not twice because I forgot I had done it. Is there anyway to confirm one is on the waitlist and maybe position? I have a functioning Harmony Hub (and a set of backup hardware), so as long as Logitech doesn’t just turn the servers on, I’m content to wait. I’d just like to get a sense of how many people are waiting in front of me.


Hi @pkscout, welcome to the forum!

Please reach out to support@unfoldedcircle.com with your reservation email and we’ll check if you’re on the list.


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