Volume button not working for Samsung TV connected to Sonos Playbar using optical

Hi all, I am so impressed with the new Remote Two and am loving it! So far I have configured the following integrations and they work great (as a start!):

  • Roon
  • Home Assistant
  • Sonos

I have also created a profile and a Living Room page to include the following entities:

  • Samsung TV - model UE70RU7092UXXH (using the core Generic Samsung Remote from UC)
  • Music (Roon integration)
  • Light (from HA)
  • Nest thermostat (from HA)

The TV remote works well, all buttons work as expected, except the volume buttons. The Samsung TV is connected to Sonos Playbar via optical. Using the default Samsung remote I can change the volume but the volume buttons on Remote Two do not work.

To try to resolve this I have created an activity using the Samsung Remote entity, Sonos entity and map the volume up/down/mute to Sonos entity but it is not working. I also tried learning the IR code from the original Samsung remote but it still does not work. In between changes i have also rebooted the remote to make sure the configurations are loaded accordingly. Too bad I still can’t figure out how to use the Sonos volume control on Remote Two.

In the IR remote configuration page I cannot map the buttons other than the ones from the remote itself. So I have no idea how to resolve this issue? I am so close to finishing up my first page and hopefully someone here can help me out!

Thanks in advance!

I discovered a notification at the top of the screen when the activity is active. It shows the states of the entities. Strange enough both the remote and Sonos are in unknown state. So I removed the remote and Sonos from Remote Two. Reinstalled them, rebooted the remote and now the activity is working! The mapped volume button is working as expected too!

Only small glitch: whenever the activity is toggled for the first time, the volume button does not work. As a workaround I click Home and go back to the activity. This is maybe a small bug that needs ironing out in future firmware.

All in all I am very impressed with the firmware and features in the first release of a commercial product as complex as the remote! Keep up the good work! :wink: I owned a Neeo … :wink: