Updates for backers only - I bought Harmony Elite instead

It is very sad that Unfolded Circle provides updates on Kickstarter to backers only. Us who were late to join the campaign can’t even check if the project is still alive and if there is any hope for buying the Remote Two.
Due to this I invested in used Harmony Elite (I even bought 2 sets with the Remote and Hub + companion remote) at bargain prices. All works well, Logitech apps are working, recently my devices even obtained an update. For now Harmony Elite still seems like the best universal remote system. Remote Two was very promising, but the radio silence from the developers (this forum is almost dead) is not a good prognostic for wide Remote Two availability, beyond only fulfilling obligation to the backers.

Although Im also not happy that I cannot see the update in Kickstarter because Im not a backer I do not completely agree with you. Because the backers have ‘paid’ for it a very long time ago, I can see that they get rewarded a bit extra for their patience.
Also looking at the number of updates I dont feel the project is dead, it is very much alive!
Next to that, Logi decided to stop developing the Harmony, that is the reason that Harmony customers are getting frustrated now that the devices are starting to fall apart and there is no good new replacement available yet. I expect this Remote Two to be even better!

While I agree this forum is kinda dead I put that down to the product not being in people’s hands yet.

The project is very much alive and I would be willing to copy paste the latest update for you if you want it?


Please do!

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Above is the latest update, while it says backers only i dont believe that came from folded circle and is the way kick-starter works. @marton if I cant share these uodates please let me know.

@Paul These updates are for backers only. I hope you understand. Thanks.

My apologies for sharing.

I believed it to be a kickstarter policy and not an unfolded circle stance. I wont share further details.

While it’s your decision how to shape communication policy of your business, could you please share the reasons why you keep the updates in secret, for backers only? The product is promising, but also delayed. Some of us were late to the Kickstarter campaign, so we are subscribed to the reservation list.
Can you, please, share if you have plans to make the Remote Two generally available for sale, beyond the Kickstarter campaign? This would help us, your potential customers, to make the informed decision, whether we should wait for your product or serach elsewhere. Any timeline would be also nice.

Due to the delays and the need to handle Bluetooth based devices I was forced to retire my Harmony 555 and switched to used Harmony Elite. However, the product is aging and Remote Two is still on my shopping list.

Please reconsider your communication policy.

Thanks @Paul.

Kickstarter backers have invested their trust and money into our project. We are sharing what we are doing in more detail, so they can follow the development and get a look into what it takes to create a product.

We’re keeping these updates to backers only, so they are part of something special, in return for their patience and trust in us.

As we have said it many times, we’ll start shipping to reservation holders right after we shipped to Kickstarter backers. We’ll process reservations on a first come, first served basis.

Kickstarter backers will get their remotes by the end of summer, so the first people on the reservation list could look forward to purchasing Remote Two around that time.

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hi Marton…

Thanks for the elucidation. By end of Summer I am assuming that is a European Summer…? Since Summer in Europe is a moveable feast is that July, August, September…?
Can you be a little more specific

best regards Ian

So did backer kit supporters and they also didn’t get any news.
Very bad honor for the given money an trust.

Unfortunately we cannot change how Kickstarter works with failed payments. Those who failed on Kickstarter but joined back in via Backerkit and reached out to us are getting updates via email or in PMs.

As far as I know the summer ends at the end of August. We’re aiming that Kickstarter backers will get their remotes by then. After that we’ll start processing reservations.

Thank you Marton. No longer waiting with bated breath
best regards Ian

Just a personal opinion as a backer: I am happy to see the remote become famous - for which it needs the widest visibility possible. I don’t care about privileges.

(I also really don’t think anyone will / should hold delays against you: this is an amazing product and you guys are doing a great job in making it happen, despite COVID, transportation, and what not!)

So here’s my vote: @marton please share the updates publicly! And I do realize that this isn’t a democracy but that Morton rules! :slight_smile:

Good luck with that. Check what happened with Vanmoof - good luck with services once they pull the plug…

The used Elite’s are not expensive. They work independently from the central servers as long as you don’t need to reprogram your system.
Having two remotes with one hub (Elite and Companion) is very convenient as well as IR learning capability which helps covering devices which are not in the Logitech DB (but this feature will probably stop working if Logitech will pull the plug). I guess Logitech is not updating their DB anymore.
Elite is based on different Logitech service compared to my years old - discontinued 10+ years ago (?) Harmony 555 - for which the servers still work. So hopefully service for Elite will also work for some time - maybe at Logitech they will forget about the old server in the dark corner of their data centre providing the service and will let it run :wink:

Having Elite allows me waiting patiently for Remote Two availability and handling Bluetooth based devices like Chromecast with Google TV.

I even bought two used kits (Elite + hub) and programmed both - if one should fail, the other is ready for use, even if Logitech servers will be finally down. It’s very easy to transfer config from one set to another.