Unstable firmware

First few days playing with the remote was great and disapointing. Hardware is great. The way to set the remote up is great. Stability of the firmware at this point is disapointing. I fixed the stability issue with the configurator using the ip-address of the dock. I added my Samsung tv, Hue and Sonos. Lots of timeouts and very slow response times on Hue and Sonos. IR tv is ok. I re-connected the hue and it seems a little better with the responsitivity but st timeout and lots of time not working. Remove Sonos worked but it doesn’t want to re-connect anymore (Driver not connected time out). I also came accross a Axios error request failed with status code 404. I know it is still a little early in the development but the remote cannot be used like this.

I can confirm the Hue timeout problem but for me this just occasionally occurs when I try to turn lights on and off. When controlling them trough my home automation platform via the remote I don’t see these error. I already created an issue on GitHub for this: [bug] Hue - Request timed out / uc_hue_driver session not available · Issue #97 · unfoldedcircle/feature-and-bug-tracker · GitHub
I assume these problems could be caused by slow mDNS request handling. For some integrations you can set a fixed ip to get around this issue but this option is not available for the Hue integration as far as I can see.

You mean the IP address of the remote, not the dock, right?

Noop, dock…

Ok. But the Web configurator runs on the remote not on the dock, so where did you use the IP address of the dock?

Then it’s my mistake, thought in runs in the dock.

@kennymc.c. I have the TV, SONOS, GOOGLE TV running fine now. SONOS started working at some point. The only issue now is still the HUE integration like you state. Sometimes timeouts. But in general the remote looks very promising.