Uneven home button

Hello everyone,

I just discovered that my home button is bumpy. The right side is somehow dented. You can also feel it when you press on it. The button itself appears to be centrally located under the symbol. You can clearly notice the pressure point. If you press to the left of it, you will notice that this pressure point is slightly weaker, but still clearly that the button is being pressed. To the right of it it feels as if you are pressing into nothing and the button is not being pressed.

Anyone else have something like this?

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I have the same Problem

same problem here

One of mine is like this. Once the team settle down, Iā€™d be keen on ordering some replacement pads, just to have stored away. I am a bit concerned they with be the consumable part of these remotes. Having a few spares would be good.

I also have the same problem