Unable to learn IR codes - commands not recognized

I have an Antec VERIS Remote RM100/RM200.
As this device is not listed in the integrated remotes these commands need to be learned.

But the dock/Remote2 does not accept or recognize the IR commands from my original remote - the LED on the dock goes from green to red to off, no matter what I do.
Then I tried sending the IR commands from my Harmony remote - as they work there - but the same, the dock’s LED goes from green to red to off.

The remote RM100 acts as a keyboard, which is what I need to control my HTPC - but I also need the RM100’s Power toggle command to turn my HTPC on and off.

Is there any way to get this remote to work with the Remote Two?

The same happens with my old MCE remote - green, red, off

For the specific commands for your Antec remote you need to do an internet search, maybe you can find them here:

I had the same problem as you with my MCE remote, the dock did not recognize the IR commands and solved it with the Pronto codes found here:

Hello Chris,

thanks for your answer.
Unfortunately, I couldn’t find any usable document - I even tried the globalcache database and remotecentral.

All I’ve found is this: https://lirc.sourceforge.net/remotes/imon/lircd.conf.imon-antec-veris (This is how I configured the remote with the Harmony remote and my HTPC) but I don’t know what to to with the IR codes and the Remote 2.

Do you happen to know how I have to enter these IR codes in the Remote 2 web config?

On your remote (MCE for example) you have to create a custom IR data set, add a custom button and then copy/paste the corresponding code choosing either Pronto or Hex

Yes, that’s what I did with all my other remotes, but in this case the Remote 2 does not accept any of those hex IR codes from the list. It just displays “invalid format”.

So I don’t know what to do with these codes - I do know that they’re working but not with the Remote 2.

Do I have to convert those codes somehow?

You can use GitHub - bengtmartensson/IrScrutinizer: IrScrutinizer is a program for IR signal analysis, decoding, generation and much more. and try to convert these codes to Pronto or Hex

Try the Pronto codes, most of the buttons you need are there…
You can also find MCE codes in the remote database under Microsoft that you can try (they didn’t work for me).

The MCE Pronto codes seen to work with the remote but unfortunately I don’t have a working MCE Receiver. This was only a learning test with an old remote.

I need to check with that tool as I do not have a Windows PC with an IR port
Oh, another problem might be that I am trying to import/learn the Power button and so everytime I push that button it will send a power-off signal :rofl: