UK Import taxes

Apologies if this is not the right place for this, I can’t get onto the discord server and the automated reply from the unfolded circle support system says that responses might be slow and this is quite urgent.

I got my UPS tracking info a couple of days ago for delivery of my 2 remotes on Thursday. Today got an email asking for £144.01 “Import Charges” comprising £131.81 “Government Charges” and £13.20 “Brokerage Charges”. The delivery address (my address) is in the UK.

I can’t remember what if any taxes I might have pre-paid when I backed the project and/or whether this level of charge should be expected on such an item (a consequence of Brexit?) so I want to check that this isn’t an incredibly well-timed scam (they do happen) or that the package hasn’t been mislabelled in some way and that no import charges should actually be due.

Can any UK backers confirm that they did have to pay import charges before UPS would deliver their remote?

This is somewhat urgent because I am about to leave for a long overseas trip and need to divert the delivery to a neighbour’s address so I want to get any necessary payment sorted out online by tomorrow (Wednesday) at the latest so that UPS doesn’t turn up at my neighbour’s door demanding payment.

UPDATE: Please ignore my previous post. unfolded circles’ definition of slow support seems to be a reply taking minutes rather than seconds! They replied while I was typing the post above. The charges are genuine. (Big sigh here from someone who most definitely did not support Brexit.)

Anyway, a big thank you to unfolded circle for such responsive support.