Toggling between activities

I am still digging into how to handle the different sound and image setups on my system. I have several “modes” :

  • TV : sound through av receiver set as zone 2 (rear speakers only) and image on TV set
  • Music : sound through audiophile DAC and image on TV set
  • Theater : sound on av receiver set as multichannel 7.1 and image on projector
    In all modes, the UI is the same as Kodi is my only source.

This can be addressed creating one activity per mode. My concern is that these activities should be “exclusive” from each other: when one activity is set to ON, other activities should turn to OFF. I could achieve this by triggering the “Off sequence” of other activities but only the "On sequence’ (or Start sequence) is available.

Any trick to achieve this?

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This will probably be possible with activity groups: Activity groups · Issue #64 · unfoldedcircle/feature-and-bug-tracker · GitHub

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I guess not but just in case: as workaround, can’t you add the ‘turn off’ steps to the turn on sequence?
Something like:
Tv on
Receiver zone 1 on
Receiver zone 1 source bladiebla
Receiver zone 2 off
Receiver zone 3 off
Projector off

Or is that not possible, or creates some new issues?

Of course this is what I did. But the point is that the “other” activity remains ON in the UI. There should be a way to have a “UI command” to change the activity state

Ok, clear.

Hi, I posted a short guide on Discord a couple of weeks ago that might answer some of the questions - so I will repost it here:

So, the result is that if you are running an active activity (e.g. Watch TV) you will be able to just start another activity from the start screen (e.g. Watch DVD). As in the off sequence within the activity only the "core devices (e.g. cable receiver) will be switched off, the on sequence of the other activity will make sure that additionally required devices (e.g. DVD player) is going to be switched on (and respective inputs will be switched according to "on sequence) The former active activity will be set to OFF (as it ran through its “off Sequence”. If you want to switch everything active off - you can simply use the physical “Off Button” within the active activity - this will - according to the defined sequence in the Macro - activate the off sequence for the active activity (e.g. DVD player off) but also send the commands for the general devices directly (like TV and Amplifier)
This way you can really create a great way of handling grouped stacks of devices.

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Here the sample for an “off” Macro - 1. Notice: see the cable receiver I use to watch TV is not part of the off macro

The “on sequence” for one of the activities