"The web configurator is not available for this device" with a desktop


I use the version 1.1.1 on the remote and I have the following error
“The web configurator is not available for this device”
when I try to access the web configuration from my desktop (Windows 11) with any browser.
I tried with Firefox, Chrome and Edge; same error for all of them.
The dock, remote and desktop are on the same network so there is no firewall issue between them.

Any idea what could be the issue and how to solve it ?


Try to resize your browser window. The web configurator needs a minimum resolution to work. Unfortunately this is not mentioned in the info message.

It worked after I zoom out in the browser.

I used a high scale value on my desktop (300%) so even when I maximized the windows, the issue was still present.
But the zoom out did the job.

Thanks a lot.