Sync Entity and/or Activity Status back to Remote

Is there any way to sync statuses back to the remote? I have an activity on the UC Remote which controls my AppleTV + Receiver + TV. However, sometimes those devices get turned off in ways other than through the UC Remote. When this happens, the UC Remote still thinks the activity is “on”. Is there any way for me to send a command to the UC Remote to tell it that the Activity is Off so that the status on the remote screen is in sync with the actual state of the devices?

I have the ability to send REST API commands. Maybe I can send the remoate an API commands to tell it that the activity is off?

Don’t know, sorry. I’m still learning and setting up my remote. However, the harmony line works this exact way as well. If a device falls asleep and turns off…the harmony activity is still in the “on” state. What I’m used to is just turning my device back on using the OEM remote. With the UC, you could essentially assign the physical power button for each device and have a group in the same screen or something. Just click the device that’s off and press the power button without needing to find another remote or worry about the activity status still being on. Maybe??? After I start using this thing in real time, I’ll get a better idea of this behavior.

Within an activity you can tap on the top bar and access all entities that are included in that activity. There is also a correct status option but if you actually tap on one of the devices you get a message that this is not yet implemented. Unfortunately this function is also not yet on the software roadmap. Maybe you could create a feature request on GitHub, refer to this function and ask what’s the current status of this function.

If all the entities in your activity are discrete on and off, as opposed to toggling, can’t you just turn the activity on or off as you wish to have it displayed? If one of your entities is a projector disregard, as you don’t want to be short-cycling it.

I can walk over to the wall dimmer switch for the Hue bulbs I have in a UC group, turn it on or off, and watch the toggle switch on the remote follow. If we could have two way communication to all our devices these syncing issues could be put to rest.