Supported devices

How do I add devices to this joke of a remote? Whenever I try to add one I can enter the brand, but I only get a completely useless list of generic devices. and none of them have anything to do with the stuff I actually want to control.

This is a Kickstarter project, not another product from Harmony with a big organization, funding and established databases of IR codes etc. Please note that e.g. Logitech is using generic IR command sets as well but have a more user friendly front end.
What are you looking for that you cannot achieve?

I’m trying yo add my AVR, TV and mediaplayer to be able to control them with this remote control. Nothing works.
At least Harmony knows wich codes to use so it actually works.

It’s the same concept as some other universal remote are using. They offer you generic code sets for each vendor and product category. Most of the AVRs and TVs from the same brand have the same remotes and functions anyway so they also can share the same ir codes. Only every few years the manufactures are actually changing or adding new codes. In the Harmony database the codes are mostly just duplicated for each model which share the same code set so you can directly search for your model name.
Have you tried one of the generic sets for the brands you are using? Maybe it’s not the code but the placement of the dock? The ir signal strength seems to a bit weaker in comparison to the Harmony Hub.

Which off these is the generic set or my Philips tv?
Generic Speaker System 1 (A Series)

Generic Amplifier 1 (FA Series)

Generic HIFI System 1 (DCM Series)

Generic AVR 1

Generic Blu-ray 1

Generic DVD 1 most models

Generic DVD 2 DVD/SA CD Player