Status of devices on the display?


Can the display of the remote show the status of the device? If for example you control an amplifier through an rs232 port, the amplifier sends back its status. Can this be shown somehow on the display using what is available in the webinterface, or would it require much more effort? Or is it not possible at all?


It depends on the status type, device/entity and where you want to see this information. As RS232 support is not yet available I can only speak for ip integrations. Also keep in mind that there will be a bigger ui update this year that could add some features.
Inside activities you can add a media component to the ui which shows media player related infos like the current position, remaining time and optional cover artwork.
You can also add devices/entities to the main pages/interface of the remote. Here you will see the power status of each device. If you tap on the device you will see device specific infos like color selection for a light or the already mention media player info. Media player entities here will also show the current input and a button to choose to input. The integration api also support a sound mode and muted status but there is currently no way to show this in the ui on the remote itself. This is just used in the web configurator to map commands with a specific parameter.