State variables for device power status?

Does the Yio software have state variables for the various devices so that it knows whether they are on or off? I find what seems to be the lack of this a frustrating limitation with my current Logitech Harmony remote and I’m hoping that the Yio software will handle it better.

The problem I see with my Harmony remote is when devices, and I have a few, don’t have separate power-on and power-off commands but instead have a single toggle-on/off command. Both my TV and my soundbar are examples of devices with toggles. An example of an issue I get is when I want to listen to music on my soundbar so I launch a Logitech Music activity I have set up on my remote to only switch on the soundbar. Everything is fine until a bit later when I then want to watch the TV so I select the TV activity which then toggles on the TV (great) but at the same time toggles off the soundbar since it didn’t seem to know that it had already been switched on by the Music activity so I then need to (shock, horror!) get up off the sofa to manually switch the soundbar back on.

There are probably workarounds I could do, or maybe I’ve misunderstood something in the Logitech Harmony universe and messed up my Logitech setup, but with the Yio remote now quite close to shipping I’m not going to bother to try to fix it after all these years but am curious as to whether the Yio software will track the power-on/off status of all devices and so this issue simply won’t occur when I move to my new remote.

Keeping track of states only works until another remote/device is used to toggle the state of that IR device. If it gets out of sync, you’ll have options to toggle devices and get back in sync.

It will work the same as the Harmony, but your problems indicate that the Harmony is not set up properly.

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