Spotify integration

I think I saw some mockups at sometime showing the Remote Two with a Thumbnail and music playback functionality.

Did I miss something in the editor, or is there no implementation yet for music playback?

I don’t see any option to add new integrations other than Apple TV, Home Assistant, Android TV, Hue, Bang&Olufsen.


Marton said on Discord that he is still figuring out how deal with OAuth to make the integration work. But I also was wondering why this not even on the software roadmap

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We missed that, but will add to the roadmap.


For Spotify integration you need a developer account on the user side:

As a user i created an ‘app’ for Home Assitant and Stream Deck which provided me with client and secret id’s.

Thank you! Did not realize that I can just add Spotify Integration to Home Assistant - and then use this “media player” on the Remote Two :sweat_smile: