SONOS integration with problems

After weeks of trouble-free operation, I have been experiencing increasing problems with the volume control of my SONOS speaker group (Arc, Sub, 2xPlay:1) via the native R2 SONOS integration, although I have not made any changes to the settings (firmware 1.6.10 since release).

These can then only be resolved by an R2 reboot. In the meantime, I have now switched to SONOS volume control via the Home Assistant SONOS integration and this works without any problems.

Am I the only one affected, or do other R2 SONOS users also have this problem?

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Yes, I’ve had to leave my remote powered off due to this bug. I have previously logged this issue.

Seems to be the same issue or at least it is similar. I added a commend to your logged issue #258 and attached two log files.

EDIT: I will have the issue still with newest firmware 1.7.5

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