SONOS integration with problems

After weeks of trouble-free operation, I have been experiencing increasing problems with the volume control of my SONOS speaker group (Arc, Sub, 2xPlay:1) via the native R2 SONOS integration, although I have not made any changes to the settings (firmware 1.6.10 since release).

These can then only be resolved by an R2 reboot. In the meantime, I have now switched to SONOS volume control via the Home Assistant SONOS integration and this works without any problems.

Am I the only one affected, or do other R2 SONOS users also have this problem?

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Yes, I’ve had to leave my remote powered off due to this bug. I have previously logged this issue.

Seems to be the same issue or at least it is similar. I added a commend to your logged issue #258 and attached two log files.

EDIT: I will have the issue still with newest firmware 1.7.5

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Hi @Sturgis, I thought I’d try your suggestion on using HA’s Sonos integration. Hoping you can offer some advice, when I look at exposed entities the one called Media appears to be the correct device in R2. I am only seeing Volume, not Volume Up or Down. I also have a Mute and Unmute.

Did you have same initially?

I have been using the native SONOS integration of the R2 for volume control of my SONOS systems again since the last R2 firmware version 1.7.10 and that has been working well again since this firmware version.

In fact, I previously implemented the volume control through the Home Assistant integration for SONOS. I implemented this using a HA script for volume increase and decrease respectively.

In the scripts, I called the ‘Mediaplayer’ service of the HA SONOS integration and then used the ‘volume up’ and ‘volume down’ functions.

The HA scripts then appear as entities of the HA integration in the R2 web configurator.

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I find I can increase/decrease mine and the remote doesn’t seem to retain the position and it reverts. I have to change the volume slowly and check and continue to adjust if necessary.

I’ll try HA script and see if that improves the situation.

Appreciate you coming back to me :grinning:

EDIT: Testing HA scripts on one Activity. I don’t see the volume level on remote ui when in the activity. If I press home button, where I see all activities the volume ui appears?

Before using the HA script entity you has to add it at the “Integrations & Docks” section for the HA integration. There you can find your scripts under “Available Entities”.

After doing this, you can add your script entity in your specific activity under “Entities”.

If you realised the volume change via the HA SONOS integration with a HA script, you cannot see the volume level on the R2. That’s the disadvantage of this solution.

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M’mmmmm, ok thanks for getting back to me on this.

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