Some Pioneer Hex Codes are not working


some of my learned IR codes are not working although I can confirm that they are correct.

I have a Pioneer AVR (VSX-520D) and used the original remote to learn the IR codes because the predefined Pioneer remotes do not provide all required buttons.
Everything is great except for the HDMI Inputs - they simply won’t work.
I can confirm that 3;0xA55AEA15;32;0 is the correct code for my desired input - this is what the R2 sees and receives and this is what my Harmony has and this is what the original remote sends when pressing the button.
It simply does not change inputs when this code is sent via R2 but changes inputs when the original remote sends this command.
So when learning the command I can cnfirm this is working because while learning the code the AVR changes inputs.

Strangely this seems to be with all HDMI inputs and the “NET” Input as well.

What can I do to make the R2 tell the AVR to switch inputs?

A desperate user :frowning:

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Experienced something similar. See [bug] Denon AVC learnt codes not working · Issue #292 · unfoldedcircle/feature-and-bug-tracker · GitHub

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:rofl: That sounds exactly like my issue.
Thank you - I am not alone.
I left a comment on the bug.

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