***SOLD FS: Remote Two (Two Available)***

I have decided to sell both of my Remote Two packages, each containing a Remote Two and a dock. $500 each + shipping.

I backed this project before I started using another 3rd party solution, and I have decided to stick with that other solution. The Remote two hardware is beautiful, but I am not a fan of the tight button grouping.

The story of the devices
I received the remotes in November, IIRC, and they have been sitting on my desk in the dock until some brief use in the past couple of days. I have worked a little on setting them up, but was waiting for firmware updates before they would reliably connect to my Home Assistant integration.

My network is complicated and has issues with websocket connectivity, as I experienced with using minidsp-rs on a RPi connected to my miniDSP devices. Anyway, it was most likely a “It’s not you…it’s me” situation. :laughing:

Anyway, firmware 1.6.4 finally allowed my Home Assistant integration running in a docker to stay connected and see the HA devices. I set up the Apple TV and played around with that for a couple of days, and that is when I really decided I did not like the button layout.

I live in the USA, and might be willing to ship overseas if the buyer knows how importing stuff works in their country. That will really depend on how the conversation unfolds. See what I did there?

You can contact me at giomania@gmail.com

Please note that I will be on high alert for potential fraud, and Paypal Friends & Family will be the only payment method accepted, unless there is someone that wants to pick up locally in Chicago.

Since fraud goes both ways, for those of you on alert for potential fraud, I am a real person, and have been on AVS Forum for around 24 years, under the user name “giomania”. The same username is used for the Unfolded Circle Discord server, and I have contributed to the community with a guide.

Thanks for looking.



Thank you for the guide, sad to see you go.

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im interested in purchasing
i sent you an email


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Out of interest, what is the solution you found?

It is a DIY thing made by an independent developer that is a friend of mine. It is called HT Web Remote, runs on my home network, and is accessible from any device with a web browser. It is on Github. GitHub - nicko88/HTWebRemote: Simple remote control of your home theater devices and HTPC from any web browser



Sorry was busy with other stuff. Will get to your email now. FYI: I already sold one earlier today, and Earl is next in line.


Hi Mark, are you using any physical remote with the web-based solution you are using? Or just your cellphone or tablets?

What appeals to me in R2 is the slick hardware. Nonetheless I’ve gotten nowhere with using it with home assistant, my sonos and Samsung tv and Android box…só I may be selling mine too… Im in the miami area if anyone is interested…still have the box and haven’t used it more than a few minutes…I really like the hardware though so Ill try a bit more…

I have an old Nexus 6P I use in the theater as sort of a dedicated device. It is a little small, but an iPad is too big. I have used Amazon tablets (6" and 8") as well, but the ads and slow response time when switching between devices is annoying.

My sister is going to give me an old iPad mini, and that might be the perfect size for me.

I was going to use the Remote Two to execute commands from HT Web Remote, but that is an expensive option, IMO, especially when I decided I did not like the button layout.


Thanks for the reply! That makes sense… I’m looking for something with buttons as it tends to be a bit more wife-friendly in my case lol… myServer’s remote seems to be another option (and I pre-ordered one)… remains to see how well I can get it to behave with home assistant

Are both sold?

Yes they are.