Software Roadmap priority

I see the 2024 Software Roadmap has been updated as of Jan. 4th 2024, and brings in items from Q4 2023 roadmap. Are these items in order of priority? Can we order in quarters like previously? If these are not in the order of priority, can we setup a voting mechanism from the community on the priority updates by quarters in 2024?

The sorting now seems to be quarterly again. But I would also be happy if there was a voting system. So far, some have given the requests on Github a thumbs up, but of course that’s not a real solution.

Where is the software roadmap?

ai, see that the OpenHAB integration is beïng pushed back.
Not even in Q1 or Q2 anymore??

Was disapointed that it wasn’t ready in December and really waiting for this one!

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Same here. Without Bluetooth and OpenHAB it’s useless for me

Not a single reference to “long button press” forthcoming, like literally thats like going to KFC only to be told there is no chicken.


One of the UC employes mentioned the long press feature as planned in this GitHub issue: Holding a button · Issue #23 · unfoldedcircle/integration-androidtv · GitHub
Also, not all coming features are on the software roadmap. They also have a backlog. Some smaller requests just get implemented without being on the roadmap before.
I think It would make sense to also comment and upvote the issues that reference to this feature:

Everyone of course has different priorities. For me it would be Long Press and Kodi Integration … latter has been pushed back w/o a quarter mentioned. Quite unfortunate for me.

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For me it’s fixing the repeating IR when holding down a button so that holding down the volume control would allow rapid volume change:

My preference is that all the roadmap features be held until the current versioning is bug free. For the reasons in this thread (we all have different priorities) … getting the AppleTV integration working right and getting hard buttons to work without reboots or activity exits is more important than the next development on the roadmap.


Right, Quinterly. Same to me. I would like to support that.

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Unfortunately there will inevitably be bugs, hopefully less dire, in every release, which would mean there would be never any features added.

I think showstopper features from everyday use begins with long press. Until this is done, I’ll require two remotes in every room which is unsatisfactory. I can almost live with no override stateful behavior, but longpress for secondary menus, fast forward and reverse, etc. are critical features.