Set Input in Activity "On Sequence"

Thanks to the 1.1.2 firmware release I can now add my Android TV to the remote. I was just looking at setting up a “Watch TV” activity and noticed that in the “On Sequence” I can drag the “Input source” command over but I can’t immediately find a away to tell it which source to switch to.

Is that expected? Does that command cycle the source list?

I’m slowly building the remote functionality up whilst using my existing Harmony.

Thanks in advance

Seems to be a general bug with select source/sound: Select source not working · Issue #17 · unfoldedcircle/bug-reports · GitHub

I did see that one but it seemed to relate to setting the command on a button. This is related to configuring the command on the “On Sequence” of the activity. There doesn’t seem to be a UI for selecting the source for that command.

Whilst it may be related, the option to set it isn’t in the UI at all. I’ll see if I can open an additional item in GitHub as an enhancement.

Edit: item raised in GitHub: Unable to select a source when using Input source in an activity On sequence · Issue #39 · unfoldedcircle/bug-reports (