Sending commands to the remote and receiving commands from the remote


I read the core-API but cannot find functions for simple interaction between an home automation software (HA, openHAB,…) and the YIO remote.

  1. How do I catch commands or events triggered on the remote by the user (key press, entity state change, page or activity change, activity turned on / off, macro triggered…) ?

  2. How do I send a command to the YIO remote from my home automation software (to change activity, jump between pages, activate / deactivate an activity…) ? The only command I can see is /ir/emitters/{emitterId}/send. But what about controlling the UI ?

These are missing bricks to build simple and custom interaction between the YIO remote and external home automation software without the need of a complex integration element (which is far too complex for me to code, especially without “Hello World!” simple templates).

Using MQTT for such communication might be a wise choice :wink: