Send IR codes from internal IR emitter in the remote ✔︎

Roadmap says this should be possible now, but i cannot send ir from my remote with the latest software. Anybody else have this issue?

You have to enable it first in the preview section

Thanks, that helped a lot. I got it working and discovered that the remote has just as weak ir emitters as the dock. Pretty useless sadly.


I have seen this too. So I’m using the dock again. Because with the remote I have to point exactly at my TV from 4m, otherwise it won’t work. And when there more units involved in an activity, then it will become more complicated. :wink:

In an activity, each entity has its own IR output.

I’m worryingly finding this. I have to be literally less than 1m in front of an IR receiver for the R2 to pick up the IR. This must surely be a battery saving feature rather than dud transmitters. I bought 3 of these so really hoping this can be fixed with software

I cannot agree. I use the internal emitter for my xbox which is 4 to 5 meters away

I have 3 x Remote Two’s and have now tested the 2nd of them too in each of the 3 testable rooms and it is exactly the same in terms of distance. About 1m out is when it starts to pick up. I’m going to test the 3rd R2 later - one is a blip, two could be coincidental, but 3 is a confirmed problem. Will report back once I’ve tested

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Yes. You are not alone. The issue may caused by an unstable/ fragmented signal.

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I can control from around 4m. Harmony did it better but it is not so bad. Just a reminder if anybody still has an old LCD or even Plasma TV these are sending a lot of IR signals during there start up phase for a few minutes and disturb IR remotes.


I can’t for the life of me detect anything like an aperture or diode in the front of my remote. So if the signal is weak, that doesn’t surprise me as it would be working through the case. I don’t really care since sending IR commands out of the remote itself is something I’m not “remotely” interested in. Back to pointing it at the thing you want to control? I don’t think so.

Hello Wotan,
there is an IR-LED behind the IR-transparent plastic cover:

IR-TX on the top side of the board, shown here upside down

The black thing right above the TX is the RX.
If the IR-LED is a SFH4045N, as it seems, it has a very narrow viewing angle of +/-9°.
It seems to be driven with a voltage of 1.8V only, with a resistor and a switching transistor in series.
There is no chance for a strong IR-signal In this configuration, unfortunately.
But the cover does not weaken the signal very much.
Cheers, tiki