"Send command" and "IR sequence"?

I see these as available commands for each device in an activity but I have no idea what they do. Could someone please explain their usage to me.


IR sequence allows you to combine multiple IR commands (separated by a comma) which is helpful e.g. for TV channel favourites where the channel number consists of multiple digits. E.g. on my TV receiver channel 15 would be DIGIT_1,DIGIT_5.

„Send command“ I have not yet figured out and would be interested as well what it does.

Where are you seeing these?


These are in the commands tab for an activity. Both exist for every device that is part of the activity. In the images attached you can see they are there for both my Frontier DVR and LG TV. One of the previous posts explained what IR Sequence is for but so far no explanation for the Send Command.

Speaking of my infamous Frontier DVR! The Motorola QIP code set you steered me to seems to be working for my DVR. The only problem so far is that although I’ve confirmed that the DVR’s Power Toggle works but when I include it in an Activity’s Start Up or Shut Down sequence it doesn’t seem to be sent. Just started looking into it so I have some more detective work ahead for me!!


Image 1
Image 2

I would try adding some delays in there to make sure that it has enough time to “breathe”. The Harmony was managing delays automatically, but this requires some finesse. Just for reference, here is what my power-on command for my “Watch Smart TV” looks like. Please note, I am using both the IR and IP-based integration for my AVR for maximum reliability - but still…note the delays.

Some of my delays are exceptionally long from trial-and-error, but I’ve found that adding 50ms delay between each IR command dramatically improves reliability. 0.05 seconds is imperceptible to the end user but seems to help some of my finickier equipment!


I made some progress with delays in that I can now turn the DVR on when entering the activity but I still cannot turn it off when leaving the activity. There are only 2 devices in this activity: the TV and the DVR. I put the DVR power command in front of the TV; I’ve put it behind the TV; I added delays before and after the power command. I even added the digit 3 before the power down just for debugging and I don’t even see the digit 3 show up in the DVR’s display. For some reason no matter what configuration I set up for the exit sequence NONE of the DVR commands are being sent. Any IR command sent to the DVR causes a small white flash over the DVR’s clock and when the “3” and power commands should be sent there is no white flash.

The max delay I used was 100 mS. Should I try higher?

Any suggestions would be welcome!


I‘m using delays between 1.000 and 3.000 ms (1-3 sec). And that works very well for my activities. 100 ms is not very much…

Not sure why you’re bothering with DVR power commands. DVRs are designed to be always on. Power commands only switch the outputs on/off, have no affect on the actual operation of the unit (it has to stay on in order to record).


You are absolutely 100% right! I know when the DVR is “off” almost all of its circuitry is still running. The only real difference is that when its off the display shows a clock and when its on the display shows the channel its tuned to. Its how I’ve running it with the Harmony Elite and of course I would like it to do the same.


Ahh … forgot about the old motorola boxes and the display. You’ll have to follow the delay route.