Selling Remote Two with dock, located in Sweden

I am selling my Remote Two that I bought from the Kickstarter. The following is included:

  • Remote Two
  • Dock
  • IR extender (unused)
  • USB-C to USB-a cable (unused)
  • Original box

I have been using the remote since I got it but I would say it is in a very good condition. Asking for €300 plus shipping from Sweden. Payment by Paypal or wire transfer.

Edit: open to offers if noone is interested at the listed price.

I am lowering my asking price to €275 plus shipping.

I have an Ebay account with 110 ratings 100% positive feedback if that helps with my credibility, albeit most of them are old now. I could put the remote up on Ebay but that would induce more fees.

For the Swedes of you out there I also have a Tradera account with 96 ratings and a 5.0 rating.

It’s a great piece of gear! I noticed you’ve adjusted the price to €279, which is definitely more enticing. I just wanted to share some thoughts since the Remote 3 has recently been announced at €320. Considering the small price gap, potential buyers might lean towards the newer model for a bit extra, given its updated features.

Perhaps considering a slightly lower price point might attract more interest? Just a thought! Either way, best of luck with the sale. Hope it finds a good home!

One advantage of buying the remote two from me is that you can start using it soon rather than when the Kickstarter ships, most likely next year if Kickstarter delivery history is any indication.

Other noteworthy differences are that remote two has en OLED display and physical red/green/blue/yellow buttons.

If any of the above reasons are enticing to someone out there I am happy to let my remote go. I am also open to bid offers is the asking price is too high.

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New asking price: €250 plus shipping.

From now on I will be lowering the asking price by €25 weekly.

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New asking price: €225 plus shipping.

Where in Sweden roughly? :smiley:
I might be interested and I’m in Blekinge.

I live in Linköping.

@sisk0 if you’ll accept €200+shipping I’ll take it. Email me if it’s interesting.

If no one buys the remote until then you are welcome to buy it for €200 plus shipping on Monday.

Got it. Let’s talk next week.